One big book of.....Randomness

Yep! You guessed it! It's one big blob of writing,all which is random. Expect twists and turns, scary sea monsters popping up in the loo, catz, sparta and ghosts which can't see. Randomness galore!


14. But den I try'd.

I was like Gillete :D

But then I try'd D:


Dis is my app for de inasne culb

You like cookies?Youa cookie? I love cookies beacuse they look like cookies. Ever noticed they tasted like cookies? They smell like cookies too. Chesse has lots of holes. Did you know that cheeses have cheese in them. Cheese is made of milk. Milk makes cows. Did you know that cows can 'Go with the flow'? But then I like pickles and cheese more than cheese and cookies. Every tried stuffing a pickle up a cheeses hole? It gets stuck. So then I have to grind it into a FREAKIN cake (It's a lie). Cakes smell like cakes and I don't know why. I  like ones with a piano on top.

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