This is a fanfic about One Direction. It has a little romance between all of them but it mainly focuses on Liam, Harry, and Niall.


5. chapter 5

Bellas POV:
A boy with blonde hair and amazing blue eyes had collided with me. We stared into each others eyes for what seemed like hours until something clicked in his mind and he got up and grabbed my hand and said "come on follow me." He was running while holding my hand. It was incredible. All the boys were rather attractive for what I saw, but the boy with blonde hair stuck out. There was a boy with brown medium length hair that had run into Abby, one with that was really tall, one that was tan with dark brown hair, one with curly brown hair and beautiful green eyes, and the Blonde one that knocked me to the ground. The one with curly hair grabbed abby and pulled both of us into their car. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. I actually didn't mind being taken away somewhere I didn't know with five boys. They all stared at us until the blonde one spoke up, "what is your name?" "Bella" I replied. "What a beautiful name you have" he apologized so many times for pushing me over by force. I said it was okay and I asked for his name. "Oh I'm terribly sorry! I'm niall, this is zayn," pointing to the tan one with dark hair, "that is harry," he pointed to the one with curly hair, "this is Louis," pointing to the tall one, "and liam," pointing to the boy with medium length brown hair that ran into Abby. "Are you okay love?" Liam asked abby with a lovely British accent, noticing her puffy eyes and pale face from crying. She said she was okay. Liam didn't believe her. "What's wrong mate? I know something's wrong. It isn't okay. You can tell us." She looked over to me to tell them. I said "her boyfriend broke up with her this morning over text." They all looked discusted. "Who in their right mind would break up with you?" Said harry. "Let alone over text!?" Zayn added. She blushed. She kept looking back to liam. Either expecting an apology or just looking at him. He was quite a catch.
Liams POV:
I still don't even know her name. She is gorgeous and I need to tell her that. I love the way she blushes. Why did harry have to pick her up? I had it sorted out. I was rather mad at harry, when I looked over to him, he was staring at her. But she was staring at me. I like that way better. "What is your name love?" I said looking at her. "Abby, and sorry I didn't really mean to look this bad. I didn't think anyone would care at a candy shop at night." What is she talking about looking bad? She is beautiful. "You are beautiful abby! Do not ever say you look bad!" I said. "Do you know who we are?" Asked zayn. "Ummm....no. sorry. Other than your names not I'm afraid." Bella replied with an Irish accent. I was a little surprised to be honest. "Any reason we should?" Asked abby.
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