This is a fanfic about One Direction. It has a little romance between all of them but it mainly focuses on Liam, Harry, and Niall.


12. chapter 12

Bellas POV:
His lips were so smooth, I didn't want to depart. But sometime it had to end. Then I remembered he asked me a question. I said "Yes" so excitedly. Then Niall got hungry. He yelled out "Anybody wanna go get dessert from Starbucks, before we head home?" I laughed hard and then abby and I volunteered and we got in the car to go get coffee and dessert.
Abbys POV:
My mind was racing between Harry and Liam. The drive to Starbucks, I just thought about them two. I didn't know who would be better for me. How could I decide between two such awesome guys?! I just wanted to rip my hair out. Why me!!!??? When we arrived to Starbucks, I ordered a Caramel Mocha. And Bella ordered absolutely everything for the boys, most of it for Niall. Bella was so happy, I wish I could be like her right now.
Nialls POV:
I just kissed a girl, who makes me happy. Now it's time to make the beautiful smile of hers grow bigger. "Hey Lads get your nerf guns out, it's party time!" "Why do we need nerf guns?" Liam asked, "right when the girls walk in we rampage them with nerf guns trust me they will love it!" My phone vibrated they said they were on their way back. "Get ready Lads!"
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