This is a fanfic about One Direction. It has a little romance between all of them but it mainly focuses on Liam, Harry, and Niall.


11. chapter 11

Louis POV:
We sang what makes you beautiful. They didn't exactly seem to recognize it. I knew one song they would recognize but we would never sing it to Abby. It was moments. That song brought her to tears and not the good kind. I'm not sure if it did the trick to tell them we are a world famous band but we got their attention. Zayn and I were on one side of the table with niall next to me and Bella next to him. Then Liam, Harry, and Abby were on the other side. Zayn and I were talking about Abby and how we knew liam had fallen for her (literally) and how Harry couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Zayn thought liam would win, I didn't know who. I mean I wasn't big on the thought that a girl could ruin our band and that's what I was afraid would happen if they both liked her. We had fish for Dinner. Liam made it. He wasn't a bad cook. It was actually pretty good. Bella asked us "where did yall learn to sing so good? Or were you all just born with it?" She giggled. "Yeah you guys were amazing. You should start a band or something." Abby said. Her and Bella laughed jokingly. We all burst out laughing. I saw that Niall had a plan because obviously this plan didn't exactly work. We sang and sounded good yes but that didn't prove we were a band. Bella was kind of confused, "why did you all laugh so hard? Is it really that bad of an idea?" She asked frowning. Niall replied "no darling! We laughed because, well, you see, umm..." He bit his lip. "Spit it out pretty boy!" Abby yelled. Liam and harry raised an eyebrow at her. Zayn spoke up talking really fast as if to get it over with, "okay. Here it is, we are a world famous band called one direction, we met on the X-factor and Simon made us a group. Our album 'Up all night' went platinum in two continents. And this why we ran into yall. Paparrazi." Abby was a little confused and Bella was deciding what to think. "So we are on a dinner date with five boyband singers that went worldwide?'' Abby asked raising an eye brow. Liam replied "yes love, um sorry we didn't tell you earlier, we didn't want to overwhelm you but I guess Zayn did the trick"
Nialls POV:
"You okay love?" I asked Bella putting my arm on her shoulder. She said "yeah, I just wish yall had told us so we could buy a room full of one direction merchandise" she said laughing. "It's okay I think we have enough screaming girls with rooms like that. I really like you Bella. And that's why I waited for a good time to tell you." I said. Abby looked at liam and harry confused. I felt bad for her. She's probably thinking that the tension between liam and harry right now could split up the band because I'm also thinking that. Well we finished dinner and I went to go talk to Bella alone. "Hey niall thanks for dinner! It was amazing." "Thanks for coming," I responded. "Um there is something I need to tell you, I really like you and I want to spend more time with you, will you be my girl?" I saw her smile and before she could answer I leaned in and kissed her deeply.
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