This is a fanfic about One Direction. It has a little romance between all of them but it mainly focuses on Liam, Harry, and Niall.


10. Chapter 10

Zayns POV:
She seems to love the boys for them not for One Direction. How can I decide to tell her. Then it hit me. I texted all the boys if we should tell them. All of them pretty much said "Whatever is best for the band mate." But then Harry answered and said "Why not we give them a private concert and dinner at the stadium." Oh thank goodness we have Harry, he just made my day. I texted abby to for her and Bella to meet me and the boys at the stadium around 2:30.
Harrys POV:
This is it. My chance to impress Abby. To steal her with my voice, it was already 2:30. And they said they were on there way. I have been making sure my voice has been ready for the past few hours. Louis was outside waiting for the girls and he would bring them in any moment. We were setting up the dinner, while they walk in, in such beautiful dresses. Abbys dress was black and white, when Bellas was blue and purple. I can't describe how pretty they looked. They sat down and we decided to sing gotta be you. My solo came and Abbys eyes were on me the whole time we sang. Liam was getting jealous. I was so happy, Abby was getting interested in me.
Abbys POV:
Harry had such a beautiful voice, so did the others. But Harrys just popped out. My eyes didn't leave him the whole time. I felt bad for Liam. But Harry or Liam. I just don't know who to choose. The song ended and we ate dinner. Harry and Liam sat next to me. Bella and Niall were flirting the whole time. Zayn and Louis were discussing Harry, Liam, and me. I could just barely make out the words.
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