This is a fanfic about One Direction. It has a little romance between all of them but it mainly focuses on Liam, Harry, and Niall.


1. Chapter 1

Bellas POV:
I watch to my dismay that my best friend since kindergarten is sobbing into her pillow. Man do I want to beat the crap out of Michael for doing this to her. I clutch my fists at the thought of Michael breaking her heart over a text for no reason. I lay here with her next to me making her gorgeous turquoise eyes look like a train wreck. I know what a break up is like. Nothing can make her feel better. I make a feeble attempt by asking her if she wants to have a movie night. She looks up and gives me her best attempt at a smile. "I have like no food here." I say. "Candy shop on 25th?" She asks with a more convincing and real smile. "Perfect." Movie and loads of chocolate, what else could make a girl feel better? I thought to myself. I got up and put on a sweat shirt. I was already wearing sweats and it was around 9 so who would care anyway? Bellas POV:
Abby puts on a hoodie and grabs her black toms. I grab my dark purple converse. We head out the door to my black BMW and get in and buckle up. Abby stares vacantly out the window and this scares me a little. To take her mind off micheal I turn the radio on and a really good song comes on. I hear Abby humming along and ask her if she knows it. She says it's her favorite song then I start singing along. After that a slower song comes on and I look over to abby and tears start to fill her eyes. I ask what's wrong. She replies "On Michael and I's four month anniversary dinner this song came on, he sang it and he said this would be our song. And that anytime I heard it to think of him. What is wrong with me that made me lose the most perfect thing ever in my life?" I quickly turned off the radio. "You are gorgeous! He is stupid and a pig. He was lucky to have you. You are way out of his league! He is an idiot to leave you! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you love! You are beautiful. It is his loss and his stupid fault." With that we pulled into to the candy shop parking lot.
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