Summer Paradise

When Emma's best friend wins tickets to the One Direction concert her friend askes Emma to go. Even though Emma isn't in love with One Direction she agrees to go. When they arrive at the concert somthing caught Emma's eye. It was a flyer asking for math/skateboard teacher for One Diretion because they needed to catch up on math and needed to learn how to skateboard for a movie. It so happens that Emma was really goood at those two things .It didn't have a age limit and even though Emma was only 13 she decided to tryout. What happens when Emma goes to the audition. Will she make it and what happens when Harry Styles falls for Emma's friend Lily.

Plz read it is my first movella and I really want to know if it is good!


17. Thinking

Emma's P.O.V

After Lily told me about her crisis I was really stumpped. I knew that I could not make the decision because that wouldn't be fair. The least I could do was talk to Harry and Zayn. They are both nice so I cna't judge them. I don't blame them for having a thing for Lily. She is really pretty and barely uses makeup. A lot of boys like the fact that Lily doesn't use makeup and fall for her. As I lay in bed I started thinking about what my first kiss would be like. I know Lily got her first kiss when she was 16 her first kiss was from Cole. I really like Cole. He would still play with me unlike Dalton. Dalton always ignored me and said that I was an annoying pest. Then after a while Lily was going to go out with Dalton instead of Cole but then she found out about the Dalton thing and she said that she didn't appreciate him being mean to me and said that I was her sister. That really touched me and I have always been there for Lily ever since. I had to find out a way to help her. If on;y I had a little help from someone. Someone that both Lily and I could trust. Someone that is like a brother or sister. Then a name flashed in my mind. I could trust Liam. He was like a brother. And he kinda take charge of the others when they are going crazyish. I looked over at Lily. She was sleeping peacfully on her bed. Looking as innocent at a deer. I lay there thinking. I could feel my eyelids growing heavy. Then I slowly drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep.

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