Summer Paradise

When Emma's best friend wins tickets to the One Direction concert her friend askes Emma to go. Even though Emma isn't in love with One Direction she agrees to go. When they arrive at the concert somthing caught Emma's eye. It was a flyer asking for math/skateboard teacher for One Diretion because they needed to catch up on math and needed to learn how to skateboard for a movie. It so happens that Emma was really goood at those two things .It didn't have a age limit and even though Emma was only 13 she decided to tryout. What happens when Emma goes to the audition. Will she make it and what happens when Harry Styles falls for Emma's friend Lily.

Plz read it is my first movella and I really want to know if it is good!


2. The Decision

Emma's P.O.V

Lily really wanted me to go to the concert but I didn't really want to. I didn't really like One Direction that much I only like their songs but I couldn't stand seeing Lily sad so I decided to go with her.


Lily's P.O.V

When Emma said that she would go I was really happy. I know that she didn't like One Direction but I don't know why. But she said she would go so I just went with it. I am really glad that Emma is my friend, because her dream was always to have world peace. This was a really nice thing for Emma to do for me so I decided to take her shopping so we could buy our clothes for the concert.


Emma's P.O.V

I was feeling really good about what I am going to do for Lily. I guess she thought it was a really nice thing too because the next thing I knew she pulled me off the couch and said, "Lets go shopping!" I was about to reach for my purse but Lily snatched it away and chucked it to the other side of room while gripping my wrist really hard. "I am going to pay for watever you buy, because you are doing me a favor so I will too." I knew it was no good trying to aurgue with her because if she made her decision she ain't changin her decision.



Lily's P.O.V

I was really happy that Emma didn't aurgue about letting me buy the clothes. Maybe she was just tired or she knew me well enough that when I make up my mind I ain't changing anything. She should know that by now anyways if she didn't then I would be really surprised because we had been friends since grade 2. "WATCH OUT!" Emma screamed. I concentrated and relised that while I was daydreaming the wheel turned and we were heading directly into a rock wall! As soon as I found out I tried to turn the wheel but it was too late.

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