Summer Paradise

When Emma's best friend wins tickets to the One Direction concert her friend askes Emma to go. Even though Emma isn't in love with One Direction she agrees to go. When they arrive at the concert somthing caught Emma's eye. It was a flyer asking for math/skateboard teacher for One Diretion because they needed to catch up on math and needed to learn how to skateboard for a movie. It so happens that Emma was really goood at those two things .It didn't have a age limit and even though Emma was only 13 she decided to tryout. What happens when Emma goes to the audition. Will she make it and what happens when Harry Styles falls for Emma's friend Lily.

Plz read it is my first movella and I really want to know if it is good!



Emma's P.O.V

After being hired I was really excited. After Simon left the boys stold me that they were going to throw a party for me. No it wasn't one of those that have a ton of people. It was a quiet peaceful party with One Direction me and Lily. Or at least that was what I think it's going to be. But boy was I wrong. You think that a part with only 7 people will be peaceful but no. Having One Direction in a party is really cool but the only thing is that they are as loud ad fifty people. One minutes you have them chasing eachother around. Then you have Liam yelling at them. After Zayn is yelling for help and you see a big pile of screaming boys. ugg... Can't anyone have any peace these days. Anyway I was with Lily at the boys house and then I heard Harry asking Lily if they can talk alone.Whats up with that?

Lily's P.O.V

After the boys were done fooling around Harry started walking towards me. I am mentally freaking out! What is he going to say to me? Why is he evem\n coming towird me? Harry approached me and said "Hey, um... can I talk to you?" "Sure" I replied. Why did I just do that I am so stupid! He took me into a hallway and said " So um... I don't know if you noticed but I really like you. I know that i've only met you for like a day but you are really nice. So um... what i'm trying to say is um... will you um... go out with me?" God he looks so nervous. Must've taken a lot of guts to do that. I didn't want to say no but I didn't get a chance to reply because the next thing you know Zayn burst into the hallway all mad. He glares at Harry and then he turns to me all smily "Um... you might think that I was easvedropping but I only over heard Harry asking you out. You might not know this but I really like you too I guess you will have to pick one of u s to be your boyfriend." I was really flattered but I didn't want to pick so I looked at them. back and forth. Zayn looked confident that I would choose him and Harry looked like he really wanted to be my boyfriend. I really don't want to choose so I broke down crying. Harry was the first to react. He was by my side conforting me in no time flat. Zayn also rushed by my side but Harry was faster. I really don't want to chose but I know I have to so I went with the obious choice. 

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