Summer Paradise

When Emma's best friend wins tickets to the One Direction concert her friend askes Emma to go. Even though Emma isn't in love with One Direction she agrees to go. When they arrive at the concert somthing caught Emma's eye. It was a flyer asking for math/skateboard teacher for One Diretion because they needed to catch up on math and needed to learn how to skateboard for a movie. It so happens that Emma was really goood at those two things .It didn't have a age limit and even though Emma was only 13 she decided to tryout. What happens when Emma goes to the audition. Will she make it and what happens when Harry Styles falls for Emma's friend Lily.

Plz read it is my first movella and I really want to know if it is good!


4. Meeting The Boys

Lily's P.O.V

When Emma came over and told me that there was a group of boys wanting to help us my first thought was Thank You! But when Emma said that they looked familiar and that there were five boys I was hoping it was One Direction. I thought about it for a while but then relised that they should be at a signing at the mall so it couln't be them. Emma sounded so desperate to get help so I dried my tears and followed her to the van.


Louis's P.O.V

I was talking to girl that looked like she was 18. I was trying to flrit with her but I guess she didn't notice. Suddenly she turned around and looked at her friend. She turned back around and said "Ya'll hold on a sec I have to check on my friend first." Then she ran over to her friend and started to talk to her. I was watching them when Harry said "Her accent is so cute." I secretly hoped Harry didn't like her because I really wanted her so I just pretended that I didn't hear him. After a while the girl that was crying dried her tears and walked towards our van with her friend.


Emma's P.O.V

I was really glad that Lily agreed to come with me to get help. I was thinking about the five boys in the van but I just didn't remember who they were. We were close enough to the car to see the boys when Lily stopped dead in her tracks. I quickly turn around and see Lily with a huge smile on her face. I guess she knew who they were because the next thing I know she runs up to the van and starts introducing herself. She was also blushing and asking them a lot of things I couln't really hear them so I just slowly walked towards them.


Lily's P.O.V

As we got closer to the van I saw five very familiar people that were all over my bedroom wall. Now I know why Emma siad they were familiar. It was One Direction! I had about fifty posters and have every single magazine that had them in it. When I saw them I stopped in my tracks I guess Emma noticed because she turned around quickly and looked at my confuse and worried. I didn't care at this point because I rush past her and ran over to the van. I started to introduce myself and they all asked it I was ok. I blushed really hard and nodded. I guess they saw me crying. As I started asking them questions I heard Emma walking toward the van. I was really happy.


Harry's P.O.V

When I saw the girl that looked like she was our age stop walking I had a feeling that she knew who we were unlike her friend. Suddenly she ran toward us and started to introduced herself. I learned that her name is Lily and she is 17. I don't like it when girls cry so I asked her is she is ok. I think she was embarrassed because she started blushing and turned and red as a tomato. We were talking and I realized that her friend didn't come yet. I looked up and saw her friend walking slowly towards us. She probaly didn't know who we were yet.


Emma's P.O.V

As I approached the car the first thing I did was ask my friend who the boys were. I think I said it a little loud because the next thing I knew all five of the boys burst out laughing. Even Lily was laughing. When they all calmed down a bit the boy with the messy curls said " We're One Direction love." Then it came to me they were the band that I was going to see with Lily! I felt so stupid. I was about to ask them something when one of them asked " Sorry to ask but what is your name love?" " Oh um... my name is Emma" I replied then another asked " Not to be rude but how old are you dear?" I didn't feel offended so said "Oh I am 14." " 14! Your only 14?" They all yelled. I was confused so I said " I am 14 but how old did you think I was?" "The one with blond hair said "We all thought you were 18." I laughed, I really couln't help it their guess was like four years off it was really funny. Then I looked at my watch and remembered that Lily said they had to be at the signing at 3:45. It was already 3:25 and it takes about 15 minutes to get to the mall we really needed to hurry up so I said "Guys um.. do you think you could help us? We already called the tow truck and they said that if we could hitch a ride then they would take care of the car for us. So can you drive us to the mall? The tow truck station is right next to the mall." Before I could say anything else the driver said " Hop in girls."

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