Zayn's angel

Zayn fell hard for a girl. Really hard. And she did too. But time passes too fast for them. And hearts will get broken, girls will be stolen, fun time will come and go, fights between the band, but most of all romance. Comment what you think! :)


3. What's going on?

Angel's P.O.V.-

"hi I'm Harry." this guy said. He had nice eyes and good hair, but I wasn't picturing myself with him. He was alright I guess but not a bit as handsome as Zayn.
"hi I'm Angel."
"So my friend Kinda likes you, so I thought I'd give you his number. Here it is!" he said handing me a paper. "while I'm at it you should take my number, it's 555-1234." he gave me a cute grin.
"ok I'll send you a text saying hi or something."
"oh yeah my friends name is Zayn. He's a nice guy."
"alright then."
"can I have some more shampoo, it's hard keeping hair this good looking, you know?" I giggled when he said that. I gave him the shampoo and left. But I only thought about Zayn.

Harry's P.O.V.-

So I decided to be a nice guy and gave that Angel girl Zayn's number, I couldn't help give her my number too. She was a pretty girl I must say. But when I told her it was Zayn's name she blushed. Was there something going on or was she just a big blusher? Whatever... But I don't know, I would like too though.

Zayn's P.O.V.-

All I see is her pulling her phone out, and smiling as that idiot. My blood was boiling! Then he ran his fingers through his hair and she giggled, and handed him shampoo. But there was one part where she blushed, what did he say? *skip some time of the day*

We were all at the hotel watching Toy Story, again. And I kept giving Harry dirty looks. Then he spoke up.
"damn it Zayn! What is your problem?!" he yelled at me. Did he really not know!
"how about the part where you go and give the girl I obviously like a lot your number!" I yell back. "heck yeah I have her my number Zayn! She isn't ugly that's for sure! And I hope wee get together just to make you angry and I'll even let her move in here with me so you can see her every morning!" he yelled at me, his face getting red. That was it. I couldn't do it anymore. I walking over and punched him in the place guys don't wanna hit. He looked at me with pain in his eyes. And we started going all out in a good old fight. After being pulled apart, I had a bloody nose and Harry had a red mark on his right cheek from when I punched him.
"I Like her a lot Harry." I spit at him.
"i know that's why I gave her your number." he said. I just beat up my best friend for no reason.
"Harry I'm so sorry! I didn't know."
"it's ok I did say some pretty mean stuff that I didn't mean so I understand." we started laughing and he ended up watching the rest of Toy Story. Why did Liam like these movies so much? Then we started watching the news, so not exciting. Until Angel's face showed up.
The reporter started talking but one thing stayed in my head, "will the missing girl from Tampa ever come home?"
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