Zayn's angel

Zayn fell hard for a girl. Really hard. And she did too. But time passes too fast for them. And hearts will get broken, girls will be stolen, fun time will come and go, fights between the band, but most of all romance. Comment what you think! :)


6. What happened?

Angel's P.O.V.-
"why are you here?" I asked sounding a little more rude than I should have.
"I'm taking you home." the person replied. "why what did I do to deserve to be taken away from here?!" I yelled I was so angry! "I'll explain when we get home alright just calm down and relax you just have to come home and help us." the person commented so sternly and strict. So I just picked up my bags and locked the door and leaving a note for Hailie. She was so nice for letting me stay here while she was away. The person at the door walked with me in silence. It was my older sister Tami. She was so annoyingly perfect! She graduated high school at 14 and is almost done with her degree on becoming a stupid pediatrician! She's engaged to the mayor's son and has perfect long black hair with gorgeous brown eyes. Oh and did I mention the fact that she drives a car that costs more than the town in Puerto Rico we were born in. Tami says because she's older and more mature she has the ability to control my life. But in reality, how do I put this? TAMI CAN NOT CONTROL MY LIFE AS LONG AS IM ALIVE! The car ride was silent. Neither of us spoke. We just sat and pulled up into a rent-a-car place and took a shuttle bus to the airport.
"oh Ang, I'm in first class and you are in coach." she said sweetly and I felt like choking her! Oh and my nick name is Ang (pronounced An-j) and continued walking. Put my luggage on the belt and walked to my gate behind Tami. I entered coach while lil old' Tami walked into first class. I had a window seat. Perfect. Then a girl who was about 12 years old named Lily sat next to me. She had a one direction sweatshirt and a one direction magazine on her lap. She smiled at me and I asked "so you like one direction?" and her face lit up and her smile was huge and she said "I totally absolutely love them, my favorite is Zayn! He's so cute!" I laughed when she said that and I snapped a picture of her and sent it to Zayn saying 'your biggest fan! Haha' and during the flight I learned a bunch if stuff about the boys, especially Zayn. It was time to land and I was so tired but kept smiling at Lily.
Then I got off. And met up with the wonderful (sarcasm) Tami! And said bye to Lily and gave her a hug.
Tami was unusually silent. Then she pulled into a hospital parking lot. We entered and Tami nodded at the security guard. He nodded back and let us pass. We went up the elevator to floor 7 and the whole floor was white. Then she went into room 607 and I did too. What I saw wasn't what I was expecting. Years were freely falling down my face, and I yelled "what happened?"
My little 6 year old sister, Rose, in a hospital, skin white as the sheets and dry lips.
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