Zayn's angel

Zayn fell hard for a girl. Really hard. And she did too. But time passes too fast for them. And hearts will get broken, girls will be stolen, fun time will come and go, fights between the band, but most of all romance. Comment what you think! :)


8. Really?!

Brandon's POV-
I saw the hurt in her eyes and could tell she was crying. I went to hug her but she backed away. I felt so bad. How could I be so stupid? She was perfect and apparently no longer mine. "Angel I'm so sorry! I promise it will never happen again!" I said to her meaning every word. She looked at me and smiled and came to hug me and gladly accepted. "of course it will never happen again! Because you can't cheat on me if we aren't dating! Now if you ever loved me you will leave, because every time i see your face, my heart breaks." she responded coldly. I really hurt her. I stepped in the elevator and looked at her and said "I will always love you." and then the doors closed and I was on my way down. She was perfect and I just left a crack in her glass heart. ~
Angel's POV-
I turned and started crying, this was too much. My heart was broken, truly broken. "hey love it's ok we're here for you." Niall said as I looked into his blue eyes. "we are moving hotels in two days and we have one extra room. In fact we bought the pent house at the top so you can move in with us!" Louis said. "I would love too!" I said! And ended up falling asleep on the couch. But when I woke up, Brandon was in the kitchen. He came to me and said, "Good morning love" and kissed me. Really?! Did he think I was joking when I said go away! What he said next killed me inside.
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