Zayn's angel

Zayn fell hard for a girl. Really hard. And she did too. But time passes too fast for them. And hearts will get broken, girls will be stolen, fun time will come and go, fights between the band, but most of all romance. Comment what you think! :)


12. None of Your Business

Angel's POV-
So the movie ended I said goodbye to Josh, he had to catch a plane back to LA. And the boys and I headed to the after party. I changed into a purple mini dress and kept the shoes. We were heading to the after party. When we got there I could tell most of them were all ready drunk and it was a matter of time before my precious boys, still wearing the ties I gave them, got drunk as well. By 1 am the boys were full on drunk. I wasn't a drinker nor Liam so we danced but drank ginger ale. Then I was going to the ladies room when Mitchelle Muso came and grabbed me and started kissing me. I could tell he was drunk so I backed up and slapped him on the face. "hey baby all I wanted was a kissssssss" he said slurring the s. I started running to Liam and burried my face in his chest and cried. "hey it's ok no need to cry." he comforted me. Zayn was off dancing with some red head. Harry was making out with a blonde. Niall was somewhere in the dance floor and Louis was with Eleanor. "where's Danielle?" I asked Liam looking into his eyes. "she couldn't make it " he told me but there was something else. "come on Liam tell me the truth." he looked at me "she's cheating on me with her dance partner." and he looked away. I went and hugged him real tight. " she doesn't deserve you then!" and I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back. "Liam I want to go home. I'll call a taxi or something you stay here and make sure the boys are okay." he nodded and I walked out into the cold. I didn't expect it to be so cold outside. I tried calling a taxi for 30 min but none stopped so I started walking I knew my way yo the hotel. I was making good timing until an old man came and pulled me into the alley and started kissing my neck and made his way towards my butt. I screamed and started crying and screamed. Just as the guy was about to unzip my dress a person pulled him off and I heard the old man howl in pain as I heard constant bones cracking. I just cried and cried. I felt strong arms wrap around me and their warmth. I felt safe. It wasn't the old mans bony and dry arms, they were muscular and comforting. I looked up and saw bright green eyes. They weren't like Harry's, Harry's eyes look brown at night. The eyes I was looking at were piercing green I got lost in them. I was sent back into the cruel world of reality when I felt his hand move gently across my face when he wiped a tear. "you look cold." he said in a soothing whisper. He took off his hoodie and I slipped it on. "Come this way" and I walked beside him into the street light. " name is Jacob. What's yours?" he asked "a-a-angel." I stuttered. " aw it's alright the guy can't bother you anymore." he hugged me again. If I could freeze moments I'd freeze this one. We stared walking again. "why are you out so late" he asked "I could ask the same about you" I replied. "I just came from work late shift. You know" I nodded and said "my friends took me to a party and they all got drunk so I left." he nodded. I loved his hair. It was black and suited him perfectly. "I'll walk you home if you give me your number. I can't let an amazing girl like you just walk away." he told me "then I guess I'm walking myself home " I replied and shrugged. "just kidding. It's 555-7249" I laughed. He laughed and nudged me with his elbow. And we had a nudging war right there in the sidewalk. We finally got to my hotel at around 3 pm. He walked me up and we were racing down the hallway and he grabbed me by my waist and I laughed screamed . He then tickled me so much I couldn't breathe. We were having so much fun. We didn't notice 5 boys standing out the door way. Finally one of them coughed. And drew our attention. Jacob helped me stand up and gave me a hug and I kissed his cheek and poked his tummy and we laughed "bye noodles" he told me, noodles was my nickname in 2nd grade because that was all I ate, "bye teddy bear." I called as he went into the elevator. I felt Niall, Louis, and Liam hug me and I smiled. I saw Zayn and Harry staring at me with icy stares I ignored it and walked inside the hotel. I sat down on the couch. "HOW COULD YOU JUST LEAVE AT ONE IN THE MORNING ALONE!" "YOU ARE SO INCONSIDERATE!" I heard Zayn and Harry yell at me. I felt warm tears roll down me cheeks. "SORRY I DIDN'T WANT TO INTURRUPT YOUR LITTLE MAKEOUT SESSION WITH THOSE THOSE.... SLUTS!" I yelled I started walking away and looked at them "hope you enjoyed your one night stands." I said and slammed the door of my bedroom.
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