Zayn's angel

Zayn fell hard for a girl. Really hard. And she did too. But time passes too fast for them. And hearts will get broken, girls will be stolen, fun time will come and go, fights between the band, but most of all romance. Comment what you think! :)


15. Nice seeing you

"hahaha Baby stop!!!" I yelled he was tickling me. We were eating out ice cream. I shared mine with both the girls while Jacob cleaned their faces. He was so perfect. He stood on top of the bench and yelled "WE ARE THE BESSSST PARENTS EVER!" and jumped down and kissed me. I happily kissed back he was just everything I imagined. "I love you." I said and he looked straight into my eyes with his magic green eyes and said "I love you too." we leaned in to kiss again when I heard my favorite little Irishman "Hi Angel!" I kissed Jacob slightly and quickly, and I turned to 4 gorgeous faces. Liam had different hair, Harry had a half tat, Louis seemed older and Niall's hair was swooped. They changed so much but so did I. I died my hair red all of it and for some reason my eyes turned a hazel color. No I wasn't wearing contacts. Minnie and Daisy looked like they could be mine and Jacob's kids. Seeing them was overwhelming.~
Harry's POV-
We saw what looked like Angel from far away and called to her until Zayn pulled us into the washroom. When we came out she was gone. Then we saw her eating her ice cream and she looked hot. Her hair was sick and she had a boss tan. Plus she was still wearing her bikini top. Wait, what am I saying? Angel is more of a sister to me besides Zayn is still obsessed. It's kinda pathetic. Every time we see a brunette that's 5'2 he asks if it's Angel. Now she was still with that Jacob guy. But they had two babies with them. Then Jacob said they were the best parents ever, they had kids already? Zayn's not gonna like this. "hey guys its been a while, how are you guys?" she asked I was still puzzled why she had kids with her. "good I guess we just came from touring but we missed you." Liam answered. "aw I missed you lads as well" Angel looked sympathetic when she said that. "I see you have been doing well." I said looking at the babies. "yeah they are my world." she said with tears in her eyes then looked at the little girls. One of them started crying Angel picked her up and hummed. "wow someone needs to be changed!" she said and looked at Jacob he nodded and started pushing the stroller. "nice seeing you again but we must get going time for these little girls too make a pit stop in the washroom." she said looking at all of us. She hugged us all for a little while each and Jacob waved, he seemed good for her. Zayn came running with a boatload of food and we all sat down at a nearby table. We were all laughing at Niall scarfing down the food when Zayn sniffed Louis "why do you smell like vanilla?" he asked. Louis looked at me for salvation. "Angel smells like vanilla." he added "Zayn , we saw Angel while you were getting food." I confessed. His face seemed disappointed. "why didn't you tell her to wait for me?" he asked "Zayn she's still with that Jacob lad." Liam told him. His face was angry now. "I would have still wanted to see her." he spit out "you arent telling me something" he said "Angel had kids. They are very happy together Zayn, it's time to move on. She's in love with another man." Niall said. Then of course as fate would have it Angel walks by with the kids and Jacob "bye guys." she said waving and Zayn's face lit up. She gave us a dazzling smile "here Angel call us sometime so we can all hangout" Liam said slipping her a piece of paper. "k!" she answered and they walked off with Jacob's hand around her. "she loves him." Zayn finally realized after turning down countless gurls. But as I saw them walking off I saw Angel turn to Jacob and hide her face and burry her head in his chest. What?
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