Zayn's angel

Zayn fell hard for a girl. Really hard. And she did too. But time passes too fast for them. And hearts will get broken, girls will be stolen, fun time will come and go, fights between the band, but most of all romance. Comment what you think! :)


10. New room

Angels POV-
I, Angel Lopez, is going to the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises!
It's a miracle! I've always wanted to go to one. Now I am. Management said it was ok. My cheeks hurt from smiling. I've been in a good mood since I got the news. That was 4 days ago. The premier is Friday. It's Tuesday. I have the perfect dress already. And my sister Tami is visiting her best friend who also live in London and agrees to do my hair and make up. As much as I hate to admit it, she's really good with that stuff. I remember going to Brandon's prom and she did it and I looked beautiful. It was 8:30 and I was getting my nails done later so I went to the kitchen and decided to make breakfast. I started making French toast and made two dozen for Niall. And six for the others and two for me. I don't even know how we had that many. I was putting the last of Niall's on a plate when all 5 ran out of Louis's room, I didn't even hear them leave theirs. Then they all had something behind their backs and all of them except Louis. "nerf guns really?" I said and rolled my eyes. Niall shook his head and said "marshmallow shooters" with an evil smile and then thery stared firing I rolled on the ground and started doing all of my old gymnastic routines and dodged all of them and then they ran out of marshmallows. And stared at me in awe. "I was supposed to be in the Olympics!" and smirked. "what about you Louis what do you have?" I asked he smirked and pulled out a water gun and started spraying me. But I wasn't water. I licked my finger and looked at him and said "chocolate syrup?!" and they all laughed. I was so angry. Then the boys started throwing marshmallows at me and nail came and stuck gram crackers on my clothes and hair and I stood there. I wanted to scream and before I knew it I was yelling in Spanish "¡Dios mío! ¿Cómo se supone que sacar esto de mi cabello?! Puedo bot belive usted! así que vas a pagar por esto! eres un messed up niño! Espero que sepan cómo dormir con un ojo abierto! UGH odio ustedes ahora mismo!!!!!!!?????" (translation: My god! Are supposed to removed this from my hair? I can belive you bot! so you are going to pay for this! you're a messed up child! I hope they know how to sleep with one eye open! UGH I hate you now!!!!) and I walked into the bathroom and could hear them burst with laughter. I took a long shower and got all the syrup out of my hair. I got out and for got my clothes in my room. I walked out and had a towel wrapped around me. The boys wolf whistled and Zayn was just staring so I went over to him and whispered, "take a picture it will last longer" and walked into my room and heard the boys say "aww" and I rolled my eyes and got dressed. I put on my pink tutu/skirt and black t-shirt tucked in with my faded jean jacket and black high heel boots. I brushed my hair. Put I little black and white bow in the back once I tied a ponytail. And grabbed my purse and walked out."I'm gonna be out. Bye" I said looking at my phone and left. *skip 4hours* I came home with four cans of paint. Zayn saw me struggling and came he was wearing so I saw his muscles rippled. I blushed when he saw me staring and smiled. "why do you have paint?" he asked " no reason just put it in my room. I went and got changed. I put on a white t-shirt and old jean shorts. I walked out and called the boys to my room. "I need you to take out all the furniture.ill take down the curtains." they gave me questioning looks. I smiled and said "move it boys!" after an hour of grunting boys and sweaty hugs they finished. I took out the paint and opened them up and took a paint brush dipped it in and started splattering orange paint everywhere "grab a brush boys!" for the next hour, we had my room covered it splatter colors of orange, pink, blue, purple. It was perfect.I had to wait till tomorrow to put my stuff in. My new room! ( A/N- please comment what you think! I know people read it but I feel like its not that good. Should I continue?)
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