Zayn's angel

Zayn fell hard for a girl. Really hard. And she did too. But time passes too fast for them. And hearts will get broken, girls will be stolen, fun time will come and go, fights between the band, but most of all romance. Comment what you think! :)


14. My life now

So I've been telling you guys my story, and I told you I was in love. I'm sure most of you think I kissed Zayn back and then we lived happily ever after. That didn't happen. I chose Jacob. We started officially dating 11 months ago. We didn't live together. We didn't want to do that stuff yet. We did kiss, a lot. The thing was, I realized I loved them both. And I knew that me and Jacob had a better chance of staying together, he didn't have management on his back 24/7 or obligated to do this and that. They boys went on tour, I got my very own apartment (finally!) Jacob and I usually hung out there. His sisters were adorable. They were twins, Minnie had green eyes like Jacob and Daisy had hazel eyes. They both had brown hair only a couple months. I turned 19 and Jacob through me a little party with all of our friends. I lost contact with the boys and we never spoke after the day I told them I was dating Jacob. I told them I found a place to live. I left because I couldn't see Zayn's face. I did love him but I knew I couldn't be with him. But I was in love with Jacob. I wasn't IN love with Zayn but I loved him. Maybe a little more than the others. It was labor day. Jacob and I went to the beach. And we brought his sisters. We just got henna tattoos. Mine was next to my belly button and said ' I luv TeddyBear' and his was on his chest saying ' I luv Noodles' we did cute little stuff like that. We were staying at the beach for the weekend with the girls. For my birthday he got me a belly button ring that was the head of a teddy bear. In the back it said the date we started being a couple ' 2/13'. I loved him so much. I was pushing the stroller and he was standing behind me holding my waist kissing my neck. It tickled and I laughed. I was still in my bikini top with some shortshorts on and he was in his trunks no shirt. He had a 6 pack. We were walking to our favorite pizzaria on the boardwalk. I pulled to the shade and picked up Daisy she was fussing so I held her. The Minnie wanted to be held so my sweet Jacob took her out and held her "our little girls just love us so much!" I said and he laughed "why wouldn't they we are like the BEST parents ever." we sometimes joked and told people they were our kids. I gave him a big kiss on the lips and he kissed back, Minnie and Daisy giggled and I pulled away and we laughed "ANGEL!" I heard some people yell behind me and I turned around but no one was there. We put the girls back into the stroller and left to go eat. I couldn't help wonder who called my name. "I love you babe." I heard him say "I love you too boo" and I kissed him. Truth was, every time I'm with him I'm on cloud 9. (A/N- haha you all thought she was with Zayn! I know it's a boring chapter but it was needed)
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