Zayn's angel

Zayn fell hard for a girl. Really hard. And she did too. But time passes too fast for them. And hearts will get broken, girls will be stolen, fun time will come and go, fights between the band, but most of all romance. Comment what you think! :)


2. Is that her?

Zayn's P. O. V.-

I was walking back to the hotel since the lads took the car with them, but her face just kept replaying in my mind. Long brown hair, beautiful big brown eyes, perfect pink lips, and a cute modesty to her. She was different from other girls. I needed to find her, especially since Harry sorta liked her too, at least I thought he did. But the point was, I needed to find her.

When I got to the hotel, I realized that maids were cleaning rooms and happened to be cleaning ours. Then I saw her! She was in a maid's uniform and she walked out of my room! I went up to her as she pushed the cart and was once again amazed by her beauty. I was just staring at her in a trance. How could one person be so beautiful? I had a feeling that I liked her. But I didn't I loved her or did I? Why was she confusing my emotions?!
"EXCUSE ME! CAN I HELP YOU WITH SOMETHING?" I heard her yell which brought me back to reality. I blushed and smiled and she giggled.
"hi I'm Zayn, from One Direction." I said.
"I'm Angel, from my mum." she laughed and I chuckled. What a nice name. Suited her. I wanted to introduce myself. I'm glad I did. Wow she had beautiful eyelashes.
"I'll be right back." I said and went to the room to write down my number. When I came back out she was gone. How did she leave so fast? Oh well, looks like I needed to find her again. I was about to get a candy bar when I saw Harry talking to her and handing her a slip of paper. I can't believe him! My best mate.
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