up all night

life takes a turn for the two friends Stephanie and Tessa when they run into one direction on their vacation to London. things happen, true feelings are shown and secrets get out.
Would love to hear what you think <3 Tessa


3. the first night

Tessa's P.O.V

The plane landed and we all got off grabbing our stuff and heading out. I got off the plane and  noticed that Harry had waited for me unlike Stephanie who had went off with the others. I walked up to him and he asked "uh can i borrow your phone mine died on the ride over here?" i willingly gave him my phone watching him typing something before handing it back. " what did you need it for" i asked curiously. " Just to tell Louis not to leave me behind ' he said with a smile as we walked though the airport. we got to the cars and said out goodbyes and planed to meet up again tomorrow. as we got into the cab and stared to pull away my phone buzzed in my pocket i quickly pulled it out a saw a text  Harry: i miss you already :,( i smiled and Stephanie noticed "who is that?" she asked curiously "Oh nobody just a friend from home" i lied not wanting her to know that it was Harry.To Harry: thought your phone died? :). " So i saw how you looked at Niall" i said with a smile on  my face "so that means nothing a look is a look nothing more" she said blushing and turning towards the window so i wouldn't see her face turn red." You think he is cute don't you?" i exclaimed as my phone buzzed in my lap " So what if i do i know he doesn't think i am and what about you i saw the way Harry was looking at you" she said as we pulled up to our hotel and got out. i looked at my phone a text from Harry. From Harry: okay so maybe i lied :) ... but i did text Louis, but that was only so i had your number ;). i smiled as i read the text ingnorning Stephanie's question. To Harry: nice one and we all still on for tomorrow?. we got in the elevator and i lost signal. " Do you think he would like me" she asked still on the topic of Niall " Of course what is their not to like you guys are the exact same" i said with a smile as the doors opened. " How do you know that you met them when i did didn't you?' she asked as we got to our room " Well um not exactly i kinda met them after you fell asleep "i said looking down and trying to avoid her stare. "Really!!! what are they like? they seem like fun guys and i can't wait until tomorrow to get to know them better " she said excitedly  " they are really fun and nice and easy to get along with" i looked down at my phone to see i had a text it was Harry. From Harry: of course the boys and i can't wait! see you then :) i smiled and replied To Harry: neither can we :). "Hey Steph wanna go for a swim its not to late and i am not tired at all" i asked pulling out my suite. it was a white bandeau top with blue stripes and a green button int the middle with matching bottoms. Stephanie's was the opposite of mine with green stripes and a blue button. we grabbed our towels and headed towards the glass door to the pool when i noticed their was a couple guys swimming. i stopped dead in my tracks causing stephanie to run into me." why did you stop? is something wrong?" she asked. she looked passed me at the door and saw why i had stopped. " oh i see you will be fine don't worry " i began to walk again heading out the door and straight to the chairs. plopping down and pulling out my phone. i decided text harry to see what he was up to. To Harry: hey curly whats up ;). seconds latter my phone buzzed and Stephanie just looked at me. i checked my phone from Harry: haha  just watching the boys swim oh and look up :) 


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