up all night

life takes a turn for the two friends Stephanie and Tessa when they run into one direction on their vacation to London. things happen, true feelings are shown and secrets get out.
Would love to hear what you think <3 Tessa


2. half over or just beginning?

Tessa's P.O.V 

i had moved up a few seats shortly after her falling sleep remembering how hard it was to concentrate on anything due to her light snoring. i had just relaxed and put in my headphones hoping to sleep some before we landed when i heard a crash and then a burst of laughter. i spun around thinking it was stephanie getting into something when i saw a group of boys looking right at me. " im sorry did we disturb you?" asked the one with light brown hair and brown eyes " no not at all " i said sarcastically with a small smirk on my face. " we will try to keep it down then " he said back half smiling. i turned back in my chair when i felt a hand on my shoulder i looked up to see a dark haired boy with dark eyes looking at me " we dont bite you know" he said smiling down at me. i laughed " i'm Zayn and you are?" he asked " Tessa " i said smiling. " nice name " "thanks" i said back. he sat down and we had a short conversation be fore he said " i just wanted you to know that you are welcome to come back their with us if you want " i thought about it for a short second before telling him "maybe after a get a little sleep" " okay we will try to be a little quieter then " he said before getting up and walking back to his friends. i was just about out when i heard a loud laugh again. I tried to ignore it but it but it was hard knowing that i could be back their with them. i sat their for a moment before getting up and walking over to Stephanie to check on her. it had been about and hour and a half since we had left and she was still out. i decided mot to wake her so i grabbed my phone from my bag on the seat and put my i pod back before taking up Zayn's offer and walking back to sit with them. "Took you long enough" Zayn said playfully motioning for me to sit down. I just smiled and sat down next to him.

Zayn's P.O.V 

i was hoping that she would come back here soon. i saw her get up and move our direction but then she sat back down in another seat. my heart dropped a bit at this but i saw her get up and head towards me. she sat down and the guys were staring. " oh right. guys this is Tessa, Tessa this is Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam" they all said hey " hi " she said back cheerfully. we talked for what seemed like forever and i noticed her and Harry hit it off right away i couldn't help but feel jealous of the way that he looked at her.

Harry's P.O.V

I was glad that Zayn had went and talked to her. Even though I could tell that he liked her, we all liked her but the look on his face when she came back and sat down was diffrent from how the rest of the boys saw her. For the other three it was a girlfriend and for us it was a crush. We had been talking for a while when she said " well it was fun but I got to go wake up Stephanie " " I wanna do it! " Louis yelled beside me " fine you can do it " she smiled at him. " uhh just one question " I asked " yeah? " she said looking up from the floor " who is Stephanie?" " ohh I'm sorry Stephanie is my friend who I came here with... You all HAVE to meet her" we all got up and followed her to where her friend was asleep.

Stephanie's P.O.V. 

i heard some strange noises around me and then loud ear piercing yells. my eyes shot open to see Tessa with five gorgeous guys around me. " what do you want?" i asked slowly sitting up in my chair. " oh nothing  just thought i would be the nice friend and introduce you to these guys before we land " Tessa said a smile plastered to her face. " okay?" i asked confused i mean don't get me wrong they were all hot but i just wanted to go back to sleep. " well this is Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall." i hadn't really paid any attention to any of them until i looked up and saw a blonde with blue eyes staring at me i guess i listened in at the right time just to catch his name.



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