up all night

life takes a turn for the two friends Stephanie and Tessa when they run into one direction on their vacation to London. things happen, true feelings are shown and secrets get out.
Would love to hear what you think <3 Tessa


1. the morning before

Stephanie P.O.V

"GET UP!!!" i heard Tessa scream from the doorway as she flicked on my light and walked toward me flinging the covers off of me. I groaned turning over and barring my face in my pillow. "What time is it?"I asked my voice mumbled from the pillow."It's 4:30am now get up!" i jumped out of my bed, ran to my closet grabbing my blue Hollister hoodie  and jeans. i quickly finished getting packed and walked over to my make up table putting on a light coat of foundation to make me look less pale. i applied a small amount of eye liner and mascara to highlight my greenish eyes. when i was finished i brought my bags downstairs and went back up to find Tessa. i walked into her room plopping down on her bed " what time is it ? we need to head out by six to get their on time for our flight" she said " its about 5:30 now should we head out?" she flipped her long brown hair into a perfect bun before turning to me " yeah just let me get my keys" she grabbed her bags and went downstairs. their was no way i was going to miss this flight i have waited months for this day and i couldn't wait to be exploring London with my best friend. we loaded up her jeep and headed off to the airport we ran into a bit of traffic but got their right on time. we hopped out of the car grabbed our things and went inside. " wow it is dead in here" i said looking around "yeah i guess not to many people fly this early" she said looking at the only other people their. it was a small group of a couple people maybe four or five and they were all sitting/ standing around joking with each other. me and Tessa found seats which wasn't hard to do in an almost empty airport but just as we sat down our flight was called. we put our bags up and went to he boarding area, we quickly got on the plane and settled in. Tessa had gotten us on a private plane for she didn't like having to stop a whole lot on her way to go somewhere. 

Tessa's P.O.V

"what time is it?" i heard Stephanie ask after we took off " almost seven " their was no answer and i looked over to see her already asleep. " his is going to be a long ride " i thought to myself . 

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