The New Neighbor


6. Why Are You Down Here All Alone

I then walked downstairs.

When I was signed into the computer I went to Facebook to see if there was anything new, there wasn't.

I logged out and plugged my iPod into the computer and waited for iTunes to pop up.

When it finally came up I clicked on the song "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by the Glee Cast.

I turned it up a little then started playing Spider Solitaire.

I played that for maybe an hour or two until I heard somebody coming down the stairs.

When I looked up I smiled to see Justin standing there smiling back at me.

Justin: Hey

Me: Hey

Justin: What are you doing?

Me: Oh nothing really just listening to some music and playing Spider Solitaire you?

He smiled and walked over and stood next to me

Justin: Just wanting to see what your doing down here all alone.

Me: I like to be alone sometimes haha

Justin: Oh haha

Me: You are such a dork Justin

Justin: Haha and you love me for that

Me: Ya ok in your dreams Bieber

Justin: Never Say Never

Me: Whatever

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