The New Neighbor


2. Walking To The Neighbor's House To Babysit

  While I was walking down my driveway I noticed to the right that there were people carrying furniture and boxes into the house.

I figured there were new neighbors moving in, then a black Range Rover pulled into the driveway.

Two people got out of the car.

One of them looked like he was my age with short brown hair and the other was a middle age woman I think in her mid 30s with long dark brown or black hair.

I couldn't really tell because I was halfway up my neighbor's driveway.

I then suddenly dropped my cell phone which caused it to make a noise.

I groaned and quickly picked it up.

When I was about to walk up the stairs to the door I glanced up and noticed the boy with the brown hair was looking at me.

He smiled and waved to me.

His smile was beautiful and perfect with pearl white teeth.

I returned him a smile and a wave then walked up the rest of the way up, but then I noticed the boy was walking towards me.

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