The New Neighbor


10. Time To Get Out And Eat Some Lunch

We swam for about 2 hours and I decided it was time to get out.

Me: Hey guys it's time to get out

They groaned

Edward: Why do we have to get out?

Me: Well one we have been swimming for 2 hours and two I'm hungry so lets go now.

The boys then headed towards the ladder and climbed out.

I remained in the pool and started grabbing the solar cover.

Me: Hey Justin do you want to help me put this on?

Justin: Ya sure

By then the others were already back at the house and it was only me and Justin in the pool.

When I was putting the cover on I felt arms wrapping around my waist.

Justin: You almost done with that cover?

Me: Yep haha

Justin: Well are you ready to get out yet?

Me: Yes it's food time woohoo haha

He laughed a little and I walked to the ladder.

Me: You coming Bieber?

Justin: Yep

As soon as he walked out I grabbed everything and closed the gate.

I headed to the garage with Justin behind me.

When we were in the garage I started to open the door.

I then looked at Justin

Me: You going home to eat lunch or are you going to stay and eat with me?

Justin: Stay here

I smiled and closed the garage door and went inside.

After I changed I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to see what there is to eat.

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