The New Neighbor


11. The Fight

While I was looking I felt Justin's arms around my waist

Me: What do you want for lunch?

Justin: I don't know what do you have?

Me: Actually nothing ugh

Justin: We could go out to eat

Me: I can't I'm babysitting if I wasn't I would love to but I am sorry

Justin: How about you wait till Ed gets home and we can go then?

Me: Wait is this a lunch date?

Justin: Actually yeah it is so do you want to go on this lunch date?

I was shocked and surprised that when I went to open my mouth nothing came out I just stared at him

Justin: You know answering a question that somebody asked you would be nice.

But clearly you have a problem doing that.

By what your doing now I can see that you don't like me at all the same way I do.

It was a waste of time and breath asking you out on a date.

So bye.

Oh and one more thing I wish I never met you so I wouldn't have to deal with this.

Your being a b**ch.

With that he left.

After Justin left I broke down into tears.

I never expected Justin to like me, I really like him back but I was surprised.

When he said he wishes he never met me that hurt.

But hearing him call me a b**ch now that was worse.

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