The New Neighbor


17. Talking During The Evening

When I looked at the time in the car it said 4:30pm.

I smiled to myself thinking that the day is going by sorta fast but slow.

But I really wanted to take a nap since I woke up at 6:00am.

When Justin turned into the neighborhood I asked him if he can drop me off at my house.

When we pulled into my driveway I looked at him and smiled.

Me: Thanks for lunch I had fun

Justin: Your welcome I had fun as well.

Me: See you later?

Justin: Yep

Me: K bye

Justin: Bye

I got out of Justin's car and walked up to my front door, unlocked it and walked in.

I waved to Justin as he was pulling out he smiled and waved back.

Closing the door I ran upstairs to my room and climbed into bed.

I guess I was really tired because as soon as I hit the pillow I crashed.

I woken up again by my cell phone but this time it wasn't an alarm it was somebody calling me.

When I looked at my clock the time it said was 7:45pm wow I must have been really tired.

Without looking at the caller id I answered the call.

  Phone Conversation..

  Me: Hello?

??: Oh hey Sarah it's me Justin

Me: Oh hey Justin um how did you get my number?

Justin: The boys gave it to me sorry

Me: It's fine. Why did you call?

Justin: Just wanted to talk to you. Are you busy?

Me: (I yawned) No I was just taking a nap. When you called you woke me up (I yawned again).

Justin: Oh I'm sorry

Me: It's fine Justin: I'll let you go back to sleep. Text me later?

Me: Yep

Justin: Good night Sarah sweet dreams

I smiled

Me: Good night Justin and sweet dreams to you too.

Then the line went dead.

I just laid there smiling like a fool but was suddenly taken by darkness and I drifted back to sleep.

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