The New Neighbor


9. Swimming Time

Then Edward, Carter, Nate, and Josh came downstairs

Edward: So it's like really hot outside

Nate: Ya really hot

Edward: You know we should go swimming

Nate, Carter, and Josh: Ya we should

I laughed a little and rolled my eyes

Me: Justin would you like to go swimming with us?

Justin: Ya sure

Me: Boys go change

I got up from the chair and headed to the door

Me: Alright I'm going to change, I'll come and get you guys when I'm ready.

Edward: Ok

Me: Justin are you going to go change?

Justin: Yep

Me: Ok then

I walked out the door and towards my house.

 I pulled out my keys, unlocked my door and headed to the laundry room to grab my swim suit.

Which was brown with multi colored palm trees all over it and with charms hanging at the center on the top.

I quickly changed and took off my glasses and walked out to my garage and opened it.

I walked back over to the boys house and opened the door.

Me: Hey you guys ready?

Everyone: Ya

Me: Well then lets go

They all ran out of the house and towards my house.

When i saw Justin he was wearing blue swim trunks.

When he saw me he smiled and looked at me

Justin: You look great

Me: Thanks so do you

He smiled and I returned one.

We then headed to my backyard.

The boys were jumping in and having fun.

I walked up the stairs and started walking into the pool.

The water was cold when I was fully in the water but once I got used to it the water was warm and relaxing.

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