The New Neighbor


19. Spending The Day At The Zoo

Justin: Ready?

Me: Oh Ya I'm Ready LEGGO!

Justin: HEY that's my word go get your own

Me: Not anymore Bieber

We both laughed and headed out to Justin's car.

After I locked the front door, I walked to my side of the car and Justin opened the door open for me.

Me: Thank you 

Justin: Your welcome

  The whole car ride was really funny Justin kept singing really loud to whatever song that was on the radio it was really funny.

I just kept laughing at him and he smiled at me.

At The Zoo

When we arrived at the zoo I was literally jumping up and down.

I love the zoo.

Justin was smiling at me the whole time.

When we got inside we started walking towards the zebras [Zebra_Buffalo_Zoo].

I couldn't stop smiling.

Justin was over by the sign reading what it said.

We then walked towards the lions [tigers_still_at_zoo_in_san_francisc].

Justin jumped about 2 ft when the lion roared.

  Me: You ok there Justin haha?

Justin: I'm fine the lion just scared me a little

Me: Ok then

Justin then saw the polar bear and dragged me over to them.


Justin: Hello there Mr. Polar Bear how are you today?

I laughed at him

Me: Justin why are you talking to a bear they can't even understand you?

Justin: Hey I'm having a talk to the bear leave me alone

Me: Whatever dork

So while Justin was "talking" to the polar bear I walked down and saw the penguins [_42439149_zoo1]

Me: Hey Justin come check out these penguins

Justin came over and smiled

Justin: Awww

We both laughed

Me: They are so cute

Justin: HEY I'm cute too you know

Me: Haha ya your cute too

He smiled

  As the day went by we walked around the zoo looking at all kinds of animals.

Me: Hey before we leave I want to see one of my favorite animals is that ok with you?

Justin: Sure

I grabbed Justin's hand and we ran to the snow leopards [Snow_leopard_sleeping_-_Buffalo_Zoo].

  I smiled

  Me: Awwww

  Justin just laughed 

When we finally exited the zoo we ran towards the car.

Once we were settled we headed home.

The car ride was silent which was nice considering we had a busy day and we were tired of walking.

When Justin finally drove into his driveway he got out and came to my side and opened it for me.

I smiled and he returned one.

Then we started walking towards my house.

Me: I had fun today thanks

Justin: Ya me too and your welcome

Me: I'll see you tomorrow sometime?

Justin: Of course night Sarah

Me: Night Justin

I unlocked the front door and ran upstairs to change into these [polyvore] and fell right asleep. 

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