The New Neighbor


3. Meeting Him

??: Hey

Me: Hey are you moving into that house?

??: Ya my name is Justin, what's yours?

Me: My name is Sarah. It's nice to meet you Justin

Justin: It's nice to meet too, may I ask why are you outside this early in the morning?

Me: Oh I'm babysitting, also this might be a stupid question to ask but are you Justin Bieber?

He smiled and laughed a little

Justin: As a matter of fact I am

As soon as he said that a huge smile spread across my face

Me: Oh my gosh I'm a huge fan wow

I smiled and then looked down feeling embarrassed by what I just said to him and blushed. I guess he noticed because when I looked down he laughed.

Justin: Aww your blushing

Which made me blush more and smile

Me: Blushing is embarrassing and not cute

Justin: But it's cute when you do it


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