The New Neighbor


16. Lunch Date

When we walked into the cafe we found a booth near the back.

The place was nearly full there was maybe 4 people there.

As soon as we sat down the waitress came to our table.

Waitress: Hi how are you?

Me: We're good

Waitress: Good can I start you guys off with something to drink?

Me: Yes I would like an orange soda.

Waitress: Ok and for you?

Justin: I'll have a Dr. Pepper

Waitress: Alright I'll get that for you.

Do you need time to look over the menu or are you ready to order?

Me: I'm ready Justin are you ready?

Justin: Yep

Me: Ok I'll have the grilled ham and cheese with fries and no pickles on the side.

I turned towards the waitress and watched her write down my order.

Waitress: Ok and for you?

She looked towards Justin and smiled waiting for him to speak.

Justin: I'll have the same as her

Waitress: Alright the drinks will be out shortly.

She smiled and left

After our drinks were delivered Justin and I were talking about random things.

Finally our food arrived and the look on Justin's face was priceless haha.

His eyes grew really big and started stuffing his face.

I just laughed at how he reacted.

Me: You pig haha

Justin: Sorry I'm really hungry

  Me: Haha ya I am too

We smiled and finished eating.

When we were done Justin payed and we walked towards his car.

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