The New Neighbor


15. Heading Out To Eat

After Ed payed me, Justin grabbed my arm and dragged me to his car.

  Justin: Ready for our lunch date?

Me: Haha yes Justin I'm ready are you ready?

Justin: Of course I am haha.

Me: Alright then lets go.

Justin: Leggo

I just laughed.

The whole car ride was silent until I broke it.

Me: So where are we going?

Justin: It's a surprise

  Me: A surprise? I hate surprises

  Justin: Haha more reason to do them

Me: Ugh

He laughed then looked at me and smiled.

I just smiled back and rolled my eyes.

  Me: Are we there yet?

Justin: Haha yeah we're here.

Justin pulled into a cafe named the Sandwich Shop.

Me: Yay I've been here before they have really good food.

I smiled at him

Justin: Well good then you can tell me what's good and what's not

Me: Well every time I come here I get the same thing

Justin: What do you get?

Me: A grilled ham and cheese with fries.

Justin: That sounds so good right now.

I think I'm going to get that.

Me: Ok

  Justin: Ready?

Me: Yep

Justin got out of the car and jogged over to my side and opened the door for me.

Me: Oh thank you

Justin: Your very welcome

We both smiled at each other. 

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