The New Neighbor


18. Getting Ready To Go To The Zoo

Morning I woke up and grabbed my cell to see if I got any text messages.

1 new message

It was from Justin

Text Message

Justin: Hey beautiful what are you doing today?  text me as soon as you get this message. your bestie Justin

  I replied back

Me: Hey I just woke up and no I'm not doing anything today what do have in mind?

 Justin: Lets go to the zoo :-)

Me: Sounds awesome can't wait

Justin: Great I'll come and get you in an hour

Me: Sounds great see ya in an hour then

Justin: Yep see ya.

I smiled at our text conversation.

I have to be ready in an hour so I dragged myself out of bed and grabbed this [polyvore] and hopped into the shower.

I did my shower routine and hopped out.

Washed my face and my teeth then fixed my hair.

When I was done I smiled at myself and walked downstairs.

As soon as I got downstairs the doorbell rang.

I answered the door and saw Justin wearing this [polyvore]

I smiled at him and he returned one.

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