The New Neighbor


8. Followed On Twitter

Justin: You have a twitter?

Me: Ya and I'm following you but since you have like a million followers it's hard to get you to notice me.

He smiled and took out his phone and I saw him also logging into twitter

Justin: Well then Sarah you have been noticed and I am now following you

I smiled and looked back to the screen and clicked on interactions and Justin's name popped up saying that "@justinbieber has followed you."

I decided to tweet him so I clicked on his name and tweeted "@justinbieber Yay you noticed me haha. It's amazing that your my neighbor. We should do something together later like go shopping or something so let me know. Love ya. :-)"

Justin laughed and he tweeted back "@P94Sarah I'm happy your my neighbor too and of course we can do something later. What do you have in mind? :-) P.S. Love ya too haha"

I replied "@justinbieber Let's go to the mall and hang out. I need some new scents for my room haha :-)."

He responded "P94Sarah Sounds great I can't wait. I will talk to you later best friend see ya :-)."

I laughed and replied "@justinbieber Ya see ya later best friend haha."

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