The New Neighbor


12. Feeling Bad

(Justin's POV)

  After I yelled at Sarah, the look she had in her eyes was plain hurt with tears ready to fall.

  I was so mad at her that I just left.

I didn't feel like going home so I headed back to the boy's house.

When I got there they were in the kitchen eating lunch.

Me: Hey

  Edward: Hey where's Sarah?

Me: Don't know don't care

Edward: What's wrong with you?

Me: When I was over at Sarah's, she was looking in the fridge to see if there was anything to eat but, she couldn't find anything.

I then asked if she would like to go on a lunch date with me just the two of us.

She didn't give me an answer and she just stared at me.

When I couldn't handle it anymore I got angry and yelled at her.

I told her that I wished that I never met her and I called her a b**th.

Carter: Wow

Me: I know I feel horrible for saying that to her

Nate: You should say your sorry

Me: Ya your right I will when she gets here.

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