As Long As You Love Me (1Direction not famous)

Just when things couldn't get any worse, they did, A LOT worse. Kayleigh has had a very difficult life and childhood. After her father died, she was a wreck. Now her mother has remarried and it's turned Kayleigh's and her older sister Gabby's life upside down. But then a miracle happens. Just when they thought they couldn't handle anymore they met very special people.People who could change their lives forever, whether they knew it or not.


14. This Kiss

I quickly pulled away from Kay knowing that I wouldn't be able to control myself if I held onto her any longer.

I looked down at Kay and stared into her beautiful greenish eyes. 

I knew I felt something and she must have felt it too. I felt electricity coursing through my veins, and butterflies in my stomach whenever I was around her. I knew I would have to fight for her, Niall wouldn't give up that easily. This could possibly tear are friendship apart, the real question was: Is she really worth it? Would I give up everything to be with her?

Those are somethings that I don't know for sure, but I plan on finding out soon.


As I gazed into Harry's emerald eyes I felt this connection... sort of like an invisible tether pulling me closer to him. I was shocked. I needed to shake these feelings off, I don't like him or Niall, I hardly even know them. I probably look like such a whore.

'Well I'm gonna go look for Gabby see ya in a few' I smiled and waved as I quickly walked out.  I past Niall, Zayn and Louis huddled around in a group in the hallway as I was looking for Gabby. I kept walking trying to find Gabby, but I couldn't find her anywhere. As I was about to round the corner I saw Gabby up against the wall and Liam was standing very close to her, their faces only inches-no centimeters apart. I stepped back and peeked my head out, without being too noticeable  and watched them.                                             


As Kay walked away Liam and I were talking when he suddenly pushed me up against the wall with his hips, the rest of his body leaning into mine.

'Gabby you don't know how long I've waited to do this' with he that he crashed his lips against mine and suddenly it was like everything was in slow motion. I was too shocked to kiss back, so I stood there like an idiot. Liam pulled away and looked at me 'I'm so sorry I shouldn't have done that, that wasn't me' I hooked my arms around his neck and pulled his face back to mine and placed my lips upon his. This kiss was so intense it was fiery; yet cool, wrong; but right in so many ways. Liam leant into me, gently rocking his hips against mine as he swiped his tongue against my bottom lip asking for entry; which I granted. It was like a battle inside of our mouths, our tongues battling each other to see which would come out on top in dominance. Liam's tongue eventually over powered mine with his expertise. Liam began to rub his hips against mine more intensely. The friction between our jeans created an immense heat down there, it was an amazing feeling, I wanted more. I started to feel this yearning down there, like I needed him, badly. I let out a soft moan into the kiss and felt Liam smirk. I pulled away and looked up his eyes so dark, and filled with lust. I just stood against the wall my chest heaving up and down, trying to fill my lungs with air. 

'Liam I've always liked you, ever since we were young, I just never knew how to tell you and to be honest I always kinda thought you liked Kayleigh more than you liked me' I looked away not wanting to see his expression. Liam gently grabbed my chin and pointed my face towards his

'What made you think that? I've always liked you, even when I moved you were always on my mind, I don't think I ever got over you and I'm really glad I never could, you are beautiful- stunning- your beyond perfection to me, when I look at you, you are perfect to me in every way, I can't even put to words how beautiful I think you are. Your sister is just a friend, but you were always something more to me, Gabby, I think I love you..'


 I turned around and stood against the wall much like Gabby had earlier. I was in a complete shock. I had just witnessed a very intimate moment between my sister and my childhood  best friend. I couldn't even begin to comprehend these thoughts jumbled around in my brain. 


~A/N sorry for the shitty chapter, I just really wanted to update for you guys and I've been having writer's block.. which sucks. Hope y'all enjoy this chapter. ~ Jayla


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