As Long As You Love Me (1Direction not famous)

Just when things couldn't get any worse, they did, A LOT worse. Kayleigh has had a very difficult life and childhood. After her father died, she was a wreck. Now her mother has remarried and it's turned Kayleigh's and her older sister Gabby's life upside down. But then a miracle happens. Just when they thought they couldn't handle anymore they met very special people.People who could change their lives forever, whether they knew it or not.


9. "I think I've found my soulmate.."

Kayleigh's P.O.V:

            I was sitting in between Lou & Harry. I don't really know Harry all that well so it's like super awkward.. Lou on the other hand is like my new bestfriend, from the moment we met we just hit it off, not like that, but in a friendly way. I feel like I could tell him anything and he would give me the PERFECT advice. I haven't done that yet, but I just have a feeling that's what would happen.

Finally Toy Story ended, I don't know how they are able to deal with that because I am super bored! Aghh. We need to do something fun.

"Guys!?" I finally decided to break the silence between every one. 

"Yeah?" Everyone turned to look at me.

"I'm STARVING! and I'm soooo boreeed!" I said whilst pointing to my stomach.  

"Im hungry too! Haz cook up some food" Niall screamed in a funny voice. Everyone started laughing at Niall. I studied him from the couch. He was perfect. Just everything about him. His hair and the way it naturally stayed to one side of his head, his bright blue eyes- to die for-, his perfectly shaped face. I was really starting to believe I was in heaven. All these boys are gorgeous, not just Niall.

Harry's P.O.V

While I was making everyone some food I was in a deep thought the more and more I notice it, I can see that Kayleigh and Niall are so much alike, it's like they're perfect for each other. I sighed. I don't think I'll every really have a chance. I'm already loosing her Niall. My eyes widened. I have an idea, I don't even really know Kayleigh that well maybe if I just hang out with her and get to know her, I might actually have a chance to win her heart. I quickly finished making Eggs, Pancakes and Bacon. Yeah I know these people are quite strange they want breakfast for dinner. Yeah it's unusual. They make me laugh.

Niall's P.O.V

I was looking at my phone, sitting directly diagonal from Kayleigh on the couch, using my peripheral vision I could see her watching me intently. I could feel a smile creep across my mouth, maybe she was interested like I am. I was just about to make small chat when I could hear Harry's voice yell for us to go in the kitchen because our breakfast-dinner was ready. "Food,food,food!" I hear Kayleigh jump up from the couch yelling that all the way til she was in the kitchen. I think I found my soulmate! I ran into the kitchen to sit down so I could eat. My stomach was sounding like a dying whale.I looked and saw everyone eating except Kayleigh looked like she was shoveling food down her throat not even stopping to swallow. I almost burst-ed out laughing, I had to hold it back so I wouldn't spit my food all over the table.

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