As Long As You Love Me (1Direction not famous)

Just when things couldn't get any worse, they did, A LOT worse. Kayleigh has had a very difficult life and childhood. After her father died, she was a wreck. Now her mother has remarried and it's turned Kayleigh's and her older sister Gabby's life upside down. But then a miracle happens. Just when they thought they couldn't handle anymore they met very special people.People who could change their lives forever, whether they knew it or not.


16. "I have something to show you.."

                                                               ~ Kay~ 

What I just saw will forever traumatize me. Nah, I think I'm good, I know one thing for sure is I wont ever be able to look at Liam the same way again. He's always such a sweet heart and a gentleman, then just now he looked like a hungry animal.. sort of.  In a way I think it might leave a scar, but it is what it is. Okay Kay, just gotta lock that memory some where deep inside my conscious and stop thinking about it. I turned and was starting to walk away when I ran into Harry and fell on the ground. 'Kayleigh I'm so sorry are you okay love? I didn't mean to hurt you.' Harry rambled on and then helped me up. 'Don't worry Harry I'm fine, it's alright' I smiled 'Where are you going?' I asked nonchalantly 'To find Liam' he stated clearly not noticing I was sweating and my palms were starting to get clammy. 'Oh he's not over there, I .. just came from there didn't seem him.' I stammered like a nervous wreck. Harry looked at me weirdly 'Okay..?' I thought for a moment and thought of a little lie 'Uh Harry come here I have something to show you.' I grabbed his hand and led him in the opposite direction back towards the living room. 'What do you have to show me?' Harry asked curiously 'It's a surprise!' I squealed and started to fast walk towards the living room. I led Harry over by a couch and sat him down and moved a few items out of my way and stood up straight. 'Ready?' I asked him and a small smile started to sneak onto his face. 'What's so funny?' I asked, cocking my head to the side in confusement. 'Its just that I'm normally the one asking that delicate situations' Harry grinned and my face started to redden in embarrassment. 'Harry! You're disgusting' I laugh while playfully hitting him. 'Seriously are you ready?' I questioned again. 'Yes.. I swear this time I'll be good.' He stated while holding his hand over his heart. I gave him a thumbs up and got into position. I stood straight with my hand at my side and then grabbed my leg and pulled it into a bow and arrow position, then into a scorpion. Harry grinned and clapped getting ready to stand up and leave,but he had a weird look in his eyes. 'Woah mister, there's more, I'm just warming up.' I sassed as he sat back down. He chuckled a throaty laugh that sounded seriously sexy, as his eyes went back to mine, I had his full attention. I stood straight again and began to count in my head..1234.. as I raised my arms above my head and jumped into a full toe touch...5678.. and landed softly on the ground arms back at my side and head down. I looked back at Harry and he looked impressed. I then turned side ways and swiftly bent over into a back bend then flipped my leg over and went into my left splits. I then   leaned back over and then did a back bend again except I put my head between my legs. I was staring straight at Harry and he looked a little freaked. 'I guess I must've forgotten to mention I was a contortionist too...whoops!' I gingerly flipped so my legs went over my body and was standing straight again. Harry then had an funny grin on his face again. 'Harry you're the weirdest guy I have ever met.' With a swivel of my foot I turned and went to go find the other boys.


Soooryyy For the crappy chapter! I know it's been a while but I'm having serious writers block. I need ideas my lovelies! If any of you have any ideas at all for this story email them to me (: Thannks I look forward to reading some ideas<3 Oh and I have another question, Is my writer seriously so bad that no one even wants to comment and tell me to continue? 

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