As Long As You Love Me (1Direction not famous)

Just when things couldn't get any worse, they did, A LOT worse. Kayleigh has had a very difficult life and childhood. After her father died, she was a wreck. Now her mother has remarried and it's turned Kayleigh's and her older sister Gabby's life upside down. But then a miracle happens. Just when they thought they couldn't handle anymore they met very special people.People who could change their lives forever, whether they knew it or not.


15. ~~A/N~~~

Sooo.. for any of you awesome people out there if you are reading this story and secretly enjoying it why don't you all go check out my newest story.. It doesn't have that many views but I would like if you guys could go check it out and give it a like, comment, favourite it (: Would  appreciate it all ! You guys are awesome stay tuned for some new chapters.. (:

Well thankss guyss love ya all <3 (: Stay beYOUtiful- <3 Jayla

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