As Long As You Love Me (1Direction not famous)

Just when things couldn't get any worse, they did, A LOT worse. Kayleigh has had a very difficult life and childhood. After her father died, she was a wreck. Now her mother has remarried and it's turned Kayleigh's and her older sister Gabby's life upside down. But then a miracle happens. Just when they thought they couldn't handle anymore they met very special people.People who could change their lives forever, whether they knew it or not.


1. Remarriage

 "Mom why do you have to marry him?" I whined sounding childish.

"Sweetheart we have gone over this time and time again. I love him now end of story" My mom exclaimed.


There really was no use trying to talk her out of this. I hated that man she longed to marry and, yet she didn't care. She simply thought I was being foolish and silly. But that's because she didn't know what happened when she wasn't home. I tried to tell her but she'd just push it all away, saying things like "That's preposterous. You watch to read to many books like that. Phil is wonderful you obviously are just making things up to ruin my marriage". 


So I walked away. She didn't believe me. I can't handle this. In less than 2 weeks that monster is going to be my step-father. I can't even look at him anymore. He was actually a great guy in the beginning until his and mom's relationship ship hit a few bumps along the road. My mother at one point suspected him of cheating and almost left him but I guess I got my hopes up. Soon after everything was fine. Until she left everyday  day for work. That's when I think I noticed a big change. I got horrible flash backs. I ran to my room upstairs and slammed my door shut and sat in the corner of my bed and hugged my knees to my chest. Images flashing in my mind. That horrid day tears formed in my eyes. I didn't want to remember what happened to me and Gabby.

 I heard a faint knock on my door and Gabby poked her head in " Are you alright Love?" I shook my head furiously. I patted a spot next to me and motioned for Gabby to sit down next to me. Gabby wrapped her arms around me and dolled my hair. I slowly felt my emotions calm down. I don't know why but Gabby had this affect on me when she dolled my hair and just comforted me. I don't know how she did it but I would remember one moment being so furious and then the next moment completely tranquilized. I loved when she did this, and I honestly don't know where I would be with out my older sister Gabby. She was the best sister I could ask for. She knew exactly what to say and do in a jump situation. I secretly admired her. I wanted to be just like her. Every person she met, she instantaneously had them wrapped around her fingers.

Mom was home now So Gabby offered to take me out as a surprise I wasn't allowed to know where we were going just that to put a little makeup on to cover up the puffiness underneath my eyes and to get on a nice outfit but nothing too fancy. "Be ready in 15 minutes and meet me downstairs when your done" Gabby said whilst smiling at me. I just needed a break from home and my mom. And Gabby knew just how to take this stress away. I walked over to my vanity tabled and applied a little bit of foundation,mascara and lip gloss and brushed my hair a couple times. That's what I loved about me all I needed to do was brush my hair a little and my caramel brown hair curled up like ringlets. I walked over to my closet and decided to wear a baby blue Holister shirt and white Ambercrombie shorts with my brown weaved belt with my sparkly vans. I grabbed my Iphone 4s and walked down stairs to see Gabby with her long wavy caramel brown hair falling down her back as she wore a floral see through shirt from American Eagle with a white tank top under and jean shorts with a black weaved belt and white toms. She was talking to mom laughing. She looked up at me coming down the stairs and smiled at me and my choice of outfit then gave mom a kiss on the cheek and walked to the door. I walked up to mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked out with Gabby.

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