Closer Than You Think

When Alexa and her best friend Bethany decide to have a quiet day and go out for lunch at Nando's, it turns out their day, or more like their lives, won't be so quiet.


1. Oh, Sorry

 Alexa's P.O.V.

Her day was already off to a bad start. She woke up all cramped and cranky, and when she tried to stretch, she hit her hand on the wall, HARD. Next, she attempted to get out of bed but instead fell to the ground and landed on something sharp. Ouch! She looked around her perfectly- well, not so perfectly clean room now. Clothes were scattered around as well as jewelry pieces, dog toys, posters, ripped and crumpled paper, and candy wrappers.

-She was never this messy. But considering the events of the night before, it was acceptable. She had had a storm and slammed the door in her friend's face so she could let it all out in peace.-

“Crap” she muttered while pulling a spike ball from beneath her. She grabbed the bed covers and pulled herself up off the floor, then stumbled towards the bathroom, tripping over a pair of high heeled tennis shoes. As she entered the bathroom, she caught her toe on the edge of the wall and cursed under her breath. When she reached the sink, she stubbed her toe on the wood. To make matters worse, she found that her curling iron didn't work. Great. First day out at the mall after her break up and no way to look pretty.

Instead, she decided upon washing her hair. The warm water felt deliciously nice on her cold skin and the towel left her cozy and warm. She went to her closet and stood there, hair dripping, for almost ten minutes before she got something on her. She pulled on a pair of ripped purple skinny jeans and a cheesy blue tank top that said, in white letters, 'I don't trip, I make frequent gravity checks'. Then she rummaged around in a pile of shoes until she found something she liked. Her sky blue converse. Taking her brush, she smoothed out her dark brown hair. It fell in wet wavy cascades to her shoulder blades and the layers gave it a full volume effect. Her blonde highlights peeked out through the dark mass of hair and looked like rays of golden sunshine. She went to her dresser and applied some make up, hiding a few pimples and making her face look normal. She added a silver necklace with a heart and put on her favorite earrings, panda bear faces. Then she put some silver and gold ring bracelets on and looked at herself in the full length mirror.

Just then her phone buzzed and she checked the screen. “Hey can I come over?” It was her best friend Bethany. She texted back, “So I'm guessing our mall trip isn't canceled? Sorry about last night” A few seconds later her phone buzzed again. “Of course it isn't canceled! Oh last night is fine, I know you were in a bad mood. I coming over or what? ;D” Alexa replied, “Get your ass over here ASAP or I'll come and get it myself!” In no time at all the door bell rang and there was an exchange of words downstairs. Then the door flew open and Bethany came running in and jumped on the bed. “Soo when are we leaving?!” she chirped.

-Bethany wore gray skinny jeans, that fit her figure perfectly, a whit tank top and a dark blue cardigan. She had added color o her face and some jewelry. On her feet she had turquoise sandles and her toenails were bright blue. Her favorite color was blue.-

“Just as soon as we can!” Alexa said jumping on the bed next to her friend and giving her a huge hug. “I'm soo sorry about yesterday.” Alexa said, withdrawing from the hug. “Really it's fine Lex.” Bethany said. “Now come on!” she jumped off the bed and ran out the door. “Hey wait up!” Alexa called, grabbing her phone and dashing after her friend.

The girls ran out of the house, Alexa saying goodbye to her mom, and jumped into Alexa's silver convertible. The hood was down and they had the radio going the whole time.

-Alexa and Bethany were 19, although Alexa's birthday came first. They were around the same height, 5.3, but they still wore heels. Even though they acted like 13, they were old enough to act grown-up.-

Bethany's P.O.V.

The car pulled into a parking spot, and Alexa and I got out and headed straight for the closest mall entrance. “Where to first?!” Alexa asked excitedly. I thought for a moment then answered, “Claire's!” We walked through the food court and headed into Claire's. We looked for maybe half an hour before purchasing some things and heading over to Forever 21, just around the corner. From there we visited clothing stores, shoe stores, looked at jewelry, and makeup. After that, we were exhausted so we decided to eat lunch. “Where do you want to eat lunch?” I asked Lex. “I don't know, you choose.” she replied. Fine with me. “I don't want to eat this junk around here today. How about...Nando's!” Alexa agreed and we went back to the car.

Alexa's P.O.V.

Bethany suggested that we eat something other than the mall crap, so she chose Nando's. A popular place in London, England with very good food. SO we hopped in the car a drove to Nando's. There weren't many cars. Just a few. That was good. No loud voices while we ate. We entered and sat at a booth. Back in the far corner we heard noise and saw a group of boys laughing and talking. “They look familiar don't they Beth?” I looked at her. “Yeah they do.” We thought for a moment. “Well I can't put my finger on it.” Beth said and continued to look at the menu.

I heard a faint buzzing and, realizing it was Beth'[s phone, told her to pick up. She looked at the number and then at me. “I gotta take this.” she said and got up. She answered the call and quickly hurried out the door. By then I was starving. But first, the lou. I got up and walked towards the kitchen. The lou was next to it. I was admiring the mountains through the front windows when suddenly bam! I clunked foreheads with someone and almost fell over. But I felt strong arms catch my waist and I was steadied on my feet again. “Oh, sorry I-” I began to apologize but was cut off. “It's ok mate. No hard feelings.” I heard the British accent and turned. In front of me there stood a boy, probably my age. He had light brown hair that stood up a little and leaned to the right. He had beautiful blue eyes that held surprise as he looked me over. I blushed slightly. “I'm sorry.” I said again, looking at the floor. “Really, it's ok.” he said. “But you look like you have a little bruise right there.” he pointed to my face. I gasped, “Where?” and began lightly touching my forehead. “I'm just kidding you.” he said, and laughed. “Oh.” this time I really blushed. A deep shade of red and this time looked at Beth still outside on the phone. There was a short silence before he broke it. “What's your name mate?” I liked the way he kept saying mate. It sent tingles up my spine. “Uh..” I stuttered, meeting his eyes. “Lex..I mean Alexa.” I cleared my throat and glanced around. “Well nice to meet you.” he grabbed my hand and shook it. “I'm Liam.” I raised my eyebrows. “What?” he questioned. “Liam Payne?” I asked. “Yeah, why?” he said. Hmmm. I was thinking. Oh that's it! “Oh, Liam from uh..” Crap what was that band called again? Beth would know. Ah, where was that girl when I needed her?

“One Direction.” someone said. “Huh?” I looked up at the boy. Oh, uh yeah sure.” “Well then, I'm Liam. Shall I introduce you to the other boys? Oh, it seems like you are getting a bruise.” “Thanks.” I muttered and rubbed my head. “I said sorry.” he chuckled then slung his arm over my shoulders like we were old friends. “Come on then mate.” he smiled and led me to the table at the back. The one with the laughing boys.


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