Don't make me fall for you

After Jamie decided to move back to England she finds herself working as a maid for Harry Styles. Harry falls for Jamie and Jamie falls for him but she also falls for 2 other band mates. Jamie finds herself Being used by the loves of her life which make her think twice about herself and the boys! (it may be inappropriate to some readers ;) ) ***ENJOY****


9. You're One Direction? :T

Jamie's POV : It's been a few weeks since I started working and it's been really ..... Weird >.< !! Ever since I put on the maid costume the guys wot stop staring !!! But I love to tease them .. Sometimes when they are watching movies I would stand infront of them and start streaching up to clean the top of the tv and they will stare and I would clean up the slobber that's coming out their mouths.. I usually giggle and snap my finguares tO make them come to earth again but they are in to deep. Don't get me wrong I thInk I'm ok .. Not hot.. Beautifull.. Nor very good with guys but I love messing and flirting with these guys they make me feel at home :) ! TOday my aunt and madison are visiting !! Yayyyy!! I got up and took a nice long shower today it was Saturday so I wasn't forced to wear that hoe costume -.- I changed into a long sleeve black and grey striped shirt and a blue high waisted skirt with ruffles that was up to my mid thigh and my xxxhigh long black converse and left my hair straight with my fringe and a big pokadot bow. I heard a knock n the front door and fuiguared it was madison and aunt Jenny so I woke up Harry and told him to meet me downstairs. I went downstairs and oppened the door I was greeted by my aunt and cousin jumPing on me asking so many questions. I tried answering them but them Madison looked like she just saw a ghost . Jamie : what's wrong maddi ? Madison: -stutters- t-t-that's h-h-arry styles Jamie : yea he's my boss >.> Madison : HE'S FROM ONE FRIGGIN DIRECTION !!!! How did you not know Jamie are yu dumb !!! Ur working for one of the most famouse guys ever and you didn't tell me !!!! " I turned to Harry who was rubbing the back of his neck. Jamie : why didn't you tell me you were in one direction. Harry : I figuared you knew and didn't care ..... Jamie : oh ok :) Harry : wait you don't care ? Your not going to scream and fangirl ?? .. It hurt me a little that Harry would think I was that type of person so I just standed there dumbfounded at what he just said and then I ran to my room ...
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