Don't make me fall for you

After Jamie decided to move back to England she finds herself working as a maid for Harry Styles. Harry falls for Jamie and Jamie falls for him but she also falls for 2 other band mates. Jamie finds herself Being used by the loves of her life which make her think twice about herself and the boys! (it may be inappropriate to some readers ;) ) ***ENJOY****


4. Settling in!

Jamie's POV

"BEEP BEEP" The sound of my alarm clock wet off. I quickly woke up ready to start my day! I took a quick shower and got dressed in a red t-shirt, black shorts, my grey Toms and a beanie. I packed my things and headed of to Harry's mansion. When I arrived I knocked on the door and a very atractive blond guy came and answered the door. "Hello is Harry home?" I asked the blind guy as he escorted me in. "HARRY A GIRL WITH SUIT CASES IS HERE TO SEE YOU!!" Blondy yelled as if Harry was going to be able to here him.

"Can you wait a second?" he asked properly in an Irish accent.

"Um.. Sure!" I said with a smile

" Just don't touch anything, Harry will be here in a second" he said.

I did as he said . A minut later Harry came out with a big smile on his face. "Hello , love " he said while shacking my hand. "hey" I said said with a smile.
"Oh ! This is my roommate/ friend Niall" he said pointing to the little Irish blond haired guy. "Hai I'm Jamie" I said while shacking his hand.
"Very well then, let me help you with your bags and show yu your new room" he said leading me upstairs. Niall followed us upstairs and help Harry with the suit cases. I sat down on my new bed thanking Harry for the job. Niall looked confused ad asked "what job"? Harry answered before I could, " Well, Jamie here is not only going to be living wit us but she's also our new maid." Before I knew it Harry and Niall had left leaving me alone. I took the oppertunity and decided to but my things away I put my clothes neatly in the drawers and I set my make up on a table I saw in the room. I put a picture of my mom on the small table next to my bed. I kissed te picture and imagined my mom wit me again. Happy times. I stopped day dreaming when I heard a knock on the door. As I though it was Harry he told me hat we wold start training tommorow but that tonight he was having his friends over to talk and that he wanted them to meet me so I have to look nicer than I already did. I smiled at him and he left closing the door leaving me alone again
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