Don't make me fall for you

After Jamie decided to move back to England she finds herself working as a maid for Harry Styles. Harry falls for Jamie and Jamie falls for him but she also falls for 2 other band mates. Jamie finds herself Being used by the loves of her life which make her think twice about herself and the boys! (it may be inappropriate to some readers ;) ) ***ENJOY****


7. I think it's too short !!!!!!! Part 2 :)

Louis POV : After Harry cleaned up and me and Jamie got changed I hatched up a master plan ....... We entered my car and I drove off the te nearest costume store. Jamie : why are we at a costume store mr. Tomlinson? Louis: Stop calling me Mr. Tomlinson it makes me feel old !! And don't worry just follow me.. We entered the store and I started lOoking for costumes. First I pulled out a nun costume which of course Jamie tried on and though it was too hot to be wearing that long thing. Then I pulled up a blue maid costume that was shin leinght and jamie said it was ok but part of my plan was to see her in a short short short maid dress with heels - lets just say a sexy maid outfit ;) . I went up and saw a perfect maid outfit which was really really sexy ;) and I maid (pun intended) her try it on. She came put and Harry's jaw dropped like how in the cartoons would happen. I wolf whistled at her and she gave me a death glare . I looked at Harry and he nodded. It was official we were getting this maid costume for her. Not only to see half her hot legs and half her ass but to tease the other boys, we are all single here so it'll be fun (in my story they are single). " I FEEL LIKE THIS IS TOO TOO TOO TOOO SHORT!!!" Jamie yelled. "I think this is the perfect maid outfit for you since yu are working for me you are going to be wearing this" Harry said. Jamie faked a smile because Harry is her boss. Now that I notice Jamie hasn't screamed over the fact that we are members of one direction !! I like that about her and she really pretty .. I'm sure it's going to be real fun having her around on a sexy maid outfit ;)
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