Don't make me fall for you

After Jamie decided to move back to England she finds herself working as a maid for Harry Styles. Harry falls for Jamie and Jamie falls for him but she also falls for 2 other band mates. Jamie finds herself Being used by the loves of her life which make her think twice about herself and the boys! (it may be inappropriate to some readers ;) ) ***ENJOY****


6. I think it's too short!!!!!! Part 1

Harry's POV : I woke up I a delicious smell , I headed downstairs just to did Jamie looking beautiful in nothing but a big t-shirt. Wow! I stould there admiring her and before I new it I was covered with pancake mix! Jamies POV : I was happily making pancakes for the guys and myself and I turned around to a guy and I got scared because I didn't know who it was and in my defense I only had pancake mix in my hands so I threw it at him! OH MY GOSH IM SOO SORRY" I said as I noticed it was just Harry MY BOSS!!!!! Why did you throw pancake mix in my face Jamie!?!?!?! Harry yelled/ asked. Before I new it all the guys were laughing at Harry. I ran. Upstairs and locked my room door. I felt sorry and embarrassed that I did that to Harry !!!!
Harry's POV :
As I was on the ground covered with mix Jamie ran to her room and so followed her and knocked on her door "Jamie open up." was all I said before she opened up. She looked at me in the eyes and apologized. "I forgive you Jamie but now go and change we have to go get you your new maid unformed" I winked and left her to get changed but now I have to go and get washed up! i ran to Louis and told him to get change to go to get the uniform!

*****AUTHORS NOTE*******
Hey guys I'm up to 107 views :D Im going to be doing a part 2 to this chapter because it's late and I'm really tired! Don't worry I'm going to post more chapters soon I'm just really busy with school starting and other stuff but I'm going to be posting at least 1 chapter each 2 day only because I have writers block >.<
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