Don't make me fall for you

After Jamie decided to move back to England she finds herself working as a maid for Harry Styles. Harry falls for Jamie and Jamie falls for him but she also falls for 2 other band mates. Jamie finds herself Being used by the loves of her life which make her think twice about herself and the boys! (it may be inappropriate to some readers ;) ) ***ENJOY****


2. At England again

The plain ride was about 7 hours long and when I arrived I looked all over for my suit cases until I found them! I walked out the airport doors and I saw my aunt. I screamed and ran over to my aunt Jennifer. "AUNT JENNY!!! I missed you so much !! " I said. "Oh my goodness Jaime look how big you've gotten!!" my aunt said. We got in the car and turned on te radio it was another stupid One Direction song. "Ugh!!" I said while I switched the radio station.
"what you don't like One Direction? "
" Not that I don't like them, I bearly know what they look like, I just don't like their music"
"Ohh! Madison would kill you if she heard you say that!" We both laughed at the fact that my 15 year old causin was obsessed with One Direction. When we got at my aunt house I just smelt the England air! It was like old times before my mothers passing. I shed a tear at the thought of my mother but I sucked it up and wet inside. My aunt showed me to my new room were I had gotten comfortable and went into a deep sleep because I had a big day ahead of
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