everything about you

megan was a 17 year old girl who's life turned upside down when her mom and dad got a divorse. she moved to london and left all of her friends and dad. then her and her boyfriend had a horrible break up. will anything go right in her life? she thinks her life is over. then her moms fiance simon introduces her to five lads that change her life, but one in particular..


9. Weird things happen at 4 in the morning

My scream woke everyone up and they were all in a bad mood so i offered to make pancakes and bacon. That shut them up. Louis came to help me because im not the best cook. They were done so i took the plate of bacon and he took the plate of pancakes and we went up to my room with paper plates. I thought it was going to be messy but they were eating clean suprisngly. It was too early to go anywhere normal so when we were done we walked to the park thats a few streets over and started playing like 5 year olds i made niall push me on a swing with liam checking twitter on a bench and harry and louis going on the seesaw and i think zayn was hanging upside down on the monkeybars. Niall complained how it was his turn to be pushed so i hoped off the swing and let him get on. I started to push him and he begged for an underdog. Well im used to doing them for my 6 year old cousin so im not quite sure how this is going to work but it did thankgod. When he was up in the air for the last time he jumped off then ran over to me and kissed me. I dont know where that camr from but it was anazing. Up untill the cockblock known as liam coughed . But it was okay because my phone buzzed st that very moment and it was a notification from twitter saying i got a mention
@therealliampayne: aww look at niall and our friend @meganxoxo1 sharing a moment
Then there was a picutr of me giving him an underdog
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