everything about you

megan was a 17 year old girl who's life turned upside down when her mom and dad got a divorse. she moved to london and left all of her friends and dad. then her and her boyfriend had a horrible break up. will anything go right in her life? she thinks her life is over. then her moms fiance simon introduces her to five lads that change her life, but one in particular..


14. Ugh

I fell asleep that night and slept a dreamless sleep. That was nice. But i was awoken around nine to an awful cramp. I went to my bathroom and i relized i had my period so i inserted a tampon and took two advil. Then i went to go put on a pair of my soccer sweatpants. I decided i was going to sit in bed and watch tv all day. At around noon after watching 9 episodes of full house i went back to the bathroom then texted my mom
Hey mom i bled through my tampon..can you pick me up some pads at the store?xx
A few seconds later i got a text from niall
Niall horan: hey babes i think you texted the wrong person but thats fine ill be at your house in 10 with pads chocolate and 'the notebook' xoxo
Ugh curses i clicked the wrong contact. But he's so sweet!
To niall horan: ugh sorry! And thankyou but you dont need too!!
He showed up in my door before he responded. I jumped up and rapped my arms around him. He put his hands on my waste but I grabbed the bag and pulled away. I went to my closet,took out new underwear and sweats then speed walked to the bathroom. When I got out I through the dirty bottoms in the hamper then went and sat on nialls lap on my bed and made it so I was facing him. I leaned in to kiss him, then to his suprise bit his bottom lip instead. He moaned as I tugged on it lightly, as soon as he did I pulled away.
"god like I said.such a tease!" Niall moaned. I pushed him back on the bed and kissed him. He rapped his arms around my hips and pulled me closer to him. I felt his tounge trace my lips so I opened them just enough for his tounge to slip into my mouth. He explored with it before pulling away. Then he started putting kisses down the side of my neck right below my ear. How the hell did he know that's what turned me on the most. I moaned and thanked god for me and my moms agreement. She won't come to the Third floor unless I tell her to. I moaned and he chuckled. He slid his mouth back to mine and started caressig my boobs. Thank god I chose last night to wear a sports bra to bed. I slid my hands down his body and then stopped myself " we can't do anything when Im on my period." i reminded him. He just sighed and went back to kissing me. He slid his hand under my bra he pulled it up then slid down and started to lick cirlces around my nipples. I moaned then rolled off of him. I sat up and put a lax pinnie on. "can't we just watch a movie?" I begged. He sighed but sat down next to me on the couch and pulled me into his lap: I leaned back and kissed his cheek. He rapped his arms around my stomach and took the remote to look through the movies on demand. We decided on just go with it becuase we both love Adam sandler. I love being with this boy it's so relaxing. I kissed his cheek then settled down into his lap with my head on his shoulder. He rapped his arms around me and sighed contently. Apperantly I had fallen asleep 20 minutes into the movie but he said he didnt mind.
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