everything about you

megan was a 17 year old girl who's life turned upside down when her mom and dad got a divorse. she moved to london and left all of her friends and dad. then her and her boyfriend had a horrible break up. will anything go right in her life? she thinks her life is over. then her moms fiance simon introduces her to five lads that change her life, but one in particular..


10. The picnic

After the park the boys left because too much time with them is a bad thing apperantly. So they left and i stepped into another steaming hot shower but mainly to shave my legs! I dont know why but it makes me feel more clean to know my legs are soft. And when i stepped out i saw a text from niall
Niall horan: hey love, im coming to pick you up at noon. Ask no questions. Just wear somthing comfortable
Xx niall;)
Ugh thats in an hour!
I blew dry ny hair and put it into a wispy side fishtail with a few wavy strands hanging out. Then i put on bright pink lip stain abd pale pink eyeshadow with bronzer and mascara. Then i put on a plaid blue and pink longsleeved button up with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows tucked into tan khaki short shorts with a bright pink rubberbelt and a pair of black toms. I put on a tiffany braclet and necklace then went downstairs and grabbed an apple. I chucked the core in the trash then heard the bell ring. I went to get it and was greeted by a kiss. Gosh i love this boys kisses. He led me to his car. We drove in peaceful silence holding hands untill he stopped infront of a river. Hebwent to open my door then he opened tbe back door and took out a big basket. Aw how romantic! He set down a blanket and we both sat down and he unpacked ATON of food. There was pasta and potato salad and subs and little sandwhiches it was adorable
" i didnt really know what you liked" he admitted
I didnt mind though, i just leaned over and kissed his cheek
We ate and i made fun of his apetite..
Then all of a sudden he took his shirt off and jumped in the river. He looked hot with out a shirt. I didnt notice it at the beach oh my. He told me to come in but i didnt want to get my clothes wet so i stripped down to my panties and bra. Good thing ibwas wearing my faorite pink lace boyshort from victorias secret and a pink and blue zebra bra from vs pink. His jaw dropped as i stepped towards the water
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