everything about you

megan was a 17 year old girl who's life turned upside down when her mom and dad got a divorse. she moved to london and left all of her friends and dad. then her and her boyfriend had a horrible break up. will anything go right in her life? she thinks her life is over. then her moms fiance simon introduces her to five lads that change her life, but one in particular..


7. Oh.. Wow

"megan.." niall wishpered with our noses still touching "i think i really like you"
My mouth formed an o and i was in shock
" I-i like you too!" i managed to stutter
He embraced me in a tight hug. And then liam suggested we all go to start the bonfire. I thought it was a great ideas so i went to go get the marshmellows out of the car. When i got back niall was blushing and all the boys were laughing.
" um hi guys" they all acted like they werent talking. So i guess ill act like nothing happened. I went to go sit nexted to niall and zayn an harry " oohhd" and we both blushed. It was getting to be dark so liam and zayn gathered sticks and harry lit the fire. Niall put his hand near min so our pinkies were touching and i intertwined our fingers. He tightened his grip and tryed to pull me closer so i went so close our shoulders were touching. It wa really nice because it was dark now and the fire was the only night. We all joked and made smores untill around ten when i started tonget realy tired so i layed down with my head in nialls lap and before i knew it i was asleep. I woke up and niall was carrying me back to the car. But i didnt tell him becuase it was nice
" megan i know your a wake" i smiled and opened my eyes but he didnt put me down
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