everything about you

megan was a 17 year old girl who's life turned upside down when her mom and dad got a divorse. she moved to london and left all of her friends and dad. then her and her boyfriend had a horrible break up. will anything go right in her life? she thinks her life is over. then her moms fiance simon introduces her to five lads that change her life, but one in particular..


2. meeting simon..well kind of

i  sat at one of the tables outside drinking an iced green tea that  i had ordered and saw my mom aproach. i stood up to hug her and she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"where's simon?" i asked confused

"oh he had to go pick up a few people he thought you might like to meet"

"oh" i replyed although i didnt really understand what was going on

she sugested we moved to a bigger table so i pointed out one ment for 5 people then she led the way to one meant for 8. i sat down quite confused. then she started to explain her self

"we moved here in the begining of june so there was no point in you going to school for two weeks when you wouldnt be able to do anything, and becuase of that and the fact our house isnt near many houses with kids your age i know you havent met many friends.. or well any at all" she began " and simon owns a record label and a new and coming band had 5 mebers in it all around your age who are very eager to meet you after we showed them a few pictures of you ..and i do atmit they are all nice looking youn-"

she was cut off by a man her age walking with 5 boys in tow

"hello laura and ah hello you must be megan" he said with a strong british accent then stepped aside and said "and this is liam,zayn,niall,harry, and louis. they were all very eager to meet you"

the blonde one..niall i think blushed when simon said that, i thought it was adorable.

"simon why dont we move to a smaller table so the boys and megan can get to know each other?" my mom suggested and they moved to the table that i started out origanaly.


"hello love, im harry" the boy with curly brown hair and a killer smile said. he kissed my cheek and sat down.

"im niall, very nice too meet you beuatiful" he said giving me a hug. i loved his accent it was adorable and he gave amazing hugs.

the tan one with nice hair said "vas happinen i'm zayn" he said with a wink and sat down

"im louis but call me louie and get me some carrots!!" the one dressed as like a sailor screamed then sat down

and finally the last one said "im liam also known as the one that keeps this lot out of trouble' he said with a really deep voice and welcoming smile.

"well as you might have known im megan!" i said with a warm smile and sat down.

  so much for meeting simon..but hey who cares! im sitting at a table with 5 cute boy, exspecially the little irishman also known as niall.

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